The Facts: Adrienne Wickwire teaches Cycling, Cycle + Bootcamp, and Barefoot HIT classes at H2L Studio. She is a licensed physical therapist and has been a fitness instructor for 10+ years. She is a certified Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor.
Her History: As an athlete and movement-enthusiast growing up, Adrienne was drawn to the Fitness Instructor Training Program while studying Kinesiology at Penn State University. She taught a wide array of classes and mentored other fitness instructors during her 4 years as a Nittany Lion. Adrienne obtained her DPT from Arcadia University. From small groups to large classes, Adrienne loves coaching participants to dig deep and see what their bodies can achieve!
What to Expect: Whether you are on the bike or on the mat, you can expect to work hard, push yourself, and discover your internal motivation!
Favorite Quote: Share your passion. Spread the inspiration.
Guilty Pleasure: Macarons and a glass of champagne

The Facts:  Mary Prendergast teaches Cycling and Cycling + Bootcamp class at H2L.  She’s certified in Schwinn indoor cycling and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Her History:  Mary is a graduate of Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana with a bachelor’s in Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing.  Mary’s love for fitness began at a young age when she picked up a love for Taebo and Kickboxing. Not much of a scholar athlete, Mary tapped into her internal drive to push herself and become the best version of herself she could be through exercise and a love for nutrition.  Mary carried this passion with her into college and pursued a Personal Trainer certification to help instill that love of exercise in others who may need a little nudge or motivation.  After working in Washington, DC for 5 years, she moved to the area with her husband and two young sons and pursued a fitness career as a Personal Trainer and Schwinn certified cycling instructor at H2L; a career change that has been life-changing and truly gratifying on every level!
What to Expect: During Mary’s class, expect to get in the zone to work with everything you’ve got for those 45 minutes, leave feeling positive, focused and energized!
Favorite Quote: Exercise is a celebration of what you can do, not a punishment for what you ate / Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
Guilty Pleasure:  Kit Kats and Sauvignon Blanc!

The Facts: Erica Sehar teaches Barefoot and Cycling at H2L Studio. She has been in the fitness industry for 12+ years and is a certified ACE Fitness Group Exercise Instructor, certified Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor, and has taken numerous courses on barefoot exercise.

Her History: Originally performing on the small stage as a 3-year old ballerina, Erica grew up on stage and on the field hockey field. While attending Penn State University, she became hooked on group exercise classes at the White Building during her first semester – and the rest is history. Through the friendships she has made with fellow instructors that ALWAYS help her grow and learn, to the friendships that continue to grow with those that have taken her classes over the years, Erica longs to inspire you that your best self has already arrived.

What to Expect: Whether it’s Barefoot or Cycling, you can look forward to hearing some of the hottest new songs mixed with the sickest remixes – so you can get lost in the music, sweat hard, breathe deep, and find yourself.

Favorite Quote: Find YOUR happy!

Guilty Pleasure: A glass of red wine + Chip and Joanna = winning

The Facts: Angelica “Gel” Crouch teaches spin.  She’s certified in ACE Group Fitness, Personal Training and Mind & Body,  NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Certified Natural Trainer.

Her History: She graduated from University of Wisconsin in 2011 with a double degree in Biology and Marketing and a minor in Health Promotion. She couldn’t continue college basketball with the tedious school course, so 2008 she began to help train the athletes and teach group fitness for the student population. After graduating college, within a year, she became the top female Personal Trainer for Gold’s Gym, joined the Army and continues to grow her career and passion in the Fitness field for all populations. The challenge of change in this industry is what fuels her passion to be the best instructor for you!

What to Expect: During Gel’s class you can expect to be pushed to your limits, with motivating music to help along that mental/physical journey.

Favorite Quote: “Power is not given to you, you have to take it” -Beyonce

Guilty Pleasure: Reality TV