H2L Barre Instructors

Meet Adrienne

pilates classesThe Facts: Adrienne McCaskey teaches Pilates and Barre at H2L. She holds a comprehensive certification for Pilates mat and apparatus from Power Pilates. Adrienne teaches the Barre Body® method and as a Founder and Teacher Trainer, she travels the country to certify dance and fitness instructors.

Her History: Adrienne is a classically trained dancer who graduated Magna Cum Laude from Muhlenberg College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance and Business Administration. Adrienne worked in Washington, DC in management and healthcare consulting for 10 years, most recently with Deloitte Consulting LLP. Her dance background and love of movement attracted her to Pilates. She taught for six years at Studio Body Logic®, Northern Virginia’s first and premiere Authentic Pilates studio, where she worked under the direction of Karen Garcia who is one of a handful of second-generation Pilates instructors in the world. Adrienne returned to Central Pennsylvania with her husband Matt to be closer to her family and now enjoys spending much of her free time with her young son William.

What to Expect: Adrienne is dedicated to sharing the amazing power of the authentic Pilates system of body conditioning and the safe, dance-based Barre Body® method with her students in a challenging, fun and encouraging atmosphere.
Favorite Quote: “No man- no machine can correct or create vitality, power, or health for you; everything comes from within, you have to unfold it.” – Joseph Pilates
Guilty Pleasure: Reality TV, popcorn and wine!

Meet Amy

barre classThe Facts: Amy Bloor teaches Barre and is certified through Barre Intensity.

Her History: Amy’s career, prior to becoming a stay at home mom to her twins, was in pharmaceutical and medical device sales. In her career, she enjoyed helping physicians to improve patient’s lives. Amy now brings that same passion to improving the health of others through exercise. Amy loves the impact that practicing Barre has on her life and wants to share it with others.

What to Expect: During Amy’s class the room will be filled with upbeat, fun music to keep you motivated. Amy will encourage you to invest in yourself and push your limits.

Favorite Quote: When women support each other, incredible things happen.

Guilty Pleasure: Dark chocolate

Meet Ann

The Facts: Ann Strickhouser teaches Barre at H2L. She’s certified in the Barre Method and on the TRX Suspension Trainers.

Her History: Ann grew up in Lancaster and moved to Mechanicsburg about 3 years ago. She works as a Settlement Officer for a local title company. Ann is always up for challenging herself to try something different, whether its yoga, weight training, or boot camp. After years of taking classes at the gym and working with a personal trainer, Ann tried a barre class and fell in love with it. Ann decided to become a certified instructor because she fully believes in the benefits of barre and wanted to share her passion with others. When Ann isn’t at work or at the studio she enjoys spending time outside (when it’s warm J), hiking new trails, going to concerts and traveling as much as possible.

What to Expect: During Ann’s class you can expect to hear a variety of upbeat pop music, variation of planks, arms along with encouragement to challenge yourself, some of her clients have even referred to her as the “arms girl”

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate

Meet Caitlin

harrisburg barreThe Facts: Caitlin Taylor teaches Barre classes here at H2L Studio. She’s certified in the Barre Above method and Schwinn Cycling.

Her History: Caitlin graduated from Messiah College in 2012 with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Psychology.  She has been teaching kindergarten for the last 5 years at the Kindergarten Academy in Mechanicsburg School District.  Caitlin began taking barre & cycling classes when the heavy weight training she was used to began to affect her joints.  While she still loves weight training, barre has proven to be just as challenging of a workout and because of that, she wants to share it with others!  When Caitlin isn’t teaching kindergarten or barre, you can catch her spending time with family & friends, eating, traveling, training for her upcoming Spartan races, and rooting for Notre Dame (Go Irish!)


What to expect: During Caitlin’s class, you will listen to some loud & upbeat music while sweating a bunch & receiving a LOT of encouragement & praise for pushing yourself as far as you can go!

Favorite Quote: “Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Guilty Pleasure: French fries, Sangria, & Netflix (preferably all at once)

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Meet Courtney

courtney bakerThe Facts: Courtney Farinelli teaches Barre classes here at H2L Studio. She’s certified in the Ballet Barre Method, Inline Barre, Balanced Body Mat Pilates and TRX. She is also a Barre Intensity Master Trainer. She often attends conferences and workshops to keep up with trends and expand her fitness knowledge. When she’s not in the Barre Room, you can find her next door teaching Cycling.. or her favorite, the Cycle + Core or Cycle + Sculpt classes. She lives in Mechanicsburg.

Her History: She graduated from Penn State in 2013 with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Psychology. Her love of health and fitness began with running, picking up Pilates, Yoga, and Barre on her cross-training days. She fell in love with the methods and started practicing daily. Now, she enjoys sharing that passion with others. When she isn’t working in marketing or teaching here, she’s spending time with family and friends.

What to Expect:
During Courtney’s class, you can expect to hear a variety of pop music while pushing yourself to plie a little lower, crunch a little higher and hold a plank for a little longer.

Words to Live by: You can do anything for a set amount of time.

Guilty Pleasure: Sweets, for sure.

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Meet Christina

barre classes teacherThe Facts: Christina Stada teaches Cycling, Cycling/Sculpt, Cycle/Core and Barre classes at H2L. She is a certified Schwinn indoor cycling instructor, TRX and a Barre Above certified Barre Instructor.

Her History: Christina’s love of exercise and overall fitness started at a very young age. Soccer was her passion early on, and she played up until attending college at the University of Pittsburgh. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Psychology. While attending college she enjoyed playing intramural sports and became an avid runner. She was always looking for the next high-intensity workout! She started cycling over 12 years ago as a way to enhance her running abilities and give her knees and joints a break. She was instantly addicted! She fell in love with Barre after taking her first class here at H2L the first year we opened! Utilizing light weights to perform small range of motion movements, combined with high reps helps you to tone in areas you didn’t know existed! An incredible workout! She is excited to share her love of cycling and barre with all of you, and assist each of you in meeting your individual fitness goals! When she isn’t at the studio or working out she is most definitely spending time with her husband Scott, and two children, Jackson and Taylor.

What to Expect: Christina loves to keep things fresh and experiment with new exercises whenever she can! Her quick transitions between exercises will keep you moving for the full class! You can expect a mix of pop, hip-hop and dance music to keep you energized and motivated while you are pulsing and planking away

Favorite Quote: If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

Guilty Pleasure: Brownies, DQ blizzards, and red wine!!


barre classes in mechanicsburg

Meet Heather

The Facts: Heather Empson teaches Barre and Cycle classes here at H2L Studio. She’s certified in the Barre Above Method, Schwinn Indoor Cycling, NCCPT (National Council for Certified Personal Trainers) and SCW Sports Nutrition.

Her History: Heather has played sports her entire life and after playing basketball in College at West Chester she needed to do something to stay active. Heather had avidly practiced yoga since she was a Junior in High School and she fell in love with weight training during college. In 2012 she became a personal trainer while living in DC and always preached to her clients and herself that you have to switch it up! She encouraged them to try different classes, different types of cardio and not just stick with the same methods of exercise over and over again. Heather came to H2L when it first opened and took a Barre class with Courtney and fell in love. About a two years later she decided to get certified and wanted to be part of the studio she fell in love with. As part of “switching it up” about a year after getting certified in Barre she got certified in Cycling. She is also one of our TRX certified trainers. When Heather isn’t working in Sales or teaching here, she is spending time with family and friends, hiking, going to concerts, always trying new food and traveling whenever she can!

What to Expect: During Heather’s class, you can expect to hear a variety of music from classic rock to rap music while incorporating more yoga and weight training.

Words to Live by: Own who you are.

Guilty Pleasure: Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, and Red wine.

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Meet Kelly

the barre studio harrisburgThe Facts: Kelly Ruth teaches Barre classes here at H2L Studio. She’s certified in the Barre Above Method, Schwinn Cycling and TRX. Kelly lives in Mechanicsburg.

Her History: Kelly’s love for fitness and particularly group fitness started 20 years ago after taking a step aerobics class. Since then she has done everything from yoga to strength training and everything in between. Her love for Barre started after the studio opened a year ago. Becoming an instructor was something she was so passionate about that it seemed like a natural progression.  She loves teaching and all the clients in her classes. Kelly has 3 children (19, 9 and 8) and has been married for 13 years.  She enjoys traveling, singing and dancing in her car and watching the Steelers win (especially against the Ravens).


What to Expect: During Kelly’s class, you can expect a lot of pulsing, pausing and planking. Most importantly she will motivate you by pushing you to your own individualized limits while playing pop, dance music and occasionally some old school hip-hop and rap.


Words to Live by: Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice. 

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Meet Lindsey

The Facts: Lindsey Wirth teaches Barre, Cycling, and Cycle/Sculpt and is certified through Inline Barre, TRX and Schwinn Cycling.mechancisburg barre studio


Her History: Lindsey graduated from Messiah College in December 2017 with a degree in Music and Worship and a minor in Human Development and Family Science. Her love for fitness began in her junior year of high school where she developed a love for running and yoga. Although her days of running became less frequent as she experienced knee problems, she began attending H2L shortly after the studio opened and quickly fell in love with Barre, Barefoot, Cycling, and Pilates. While she never thought she would become a fitness instructor, she is excited to share her passion for exercise and wellness with others. Each time she practices Barre or attends a cycling class she believes it is another opportunity to push herself, mind and body, more than the class before, and she hopes to empower others to do the same. She is also passionate about empowering others to feel confident and strong in the skin they are in.

When she is not teaching at H2L, she enjoys making music, practicing calligraphy, baking/cooking, and spending time with her husband, Mitch, and friends and family.

What to Expect: During Lindsey’s class, you can expect to hear a variety of pop music (familiar or unfamiliar … she’s always on the lookout for new, fun music:), while pulsing and holding positions. She hopes to motivate you to push yourself, but more importantly to encourage and support you in your Barre/fitness practices.

Words to Live by: Take time to do what fills your soul with joy.

Guilty Pleasure: Chick-Fil-A milkshakes and binging a good show on Netflix (preferably Grey’s Anatomy, Friends, or This is Us)

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Meet Marisa

barre harrisburgThe Facts: Marisa Zimmerman teaches Barre classes here at H2L Studio. She’s certified in the Inline Barre method.

Her History: She graduated from Bloomsburg University in 2008 with a degree in Elementary Education. She has been teaching elementary school in the Central Dauphin School District for 8 years and currently teaches 2nd grade. She is also a single mom and has a three-year-old daughter named Mila. Most of her time is spent with her daughter. She began taking barre classes with Courtney a year ago and fell in love with the workout as a way to relieve stress and have some “me time”. She wanted to continue pursuing her passion for barre and share it with others.

What to Expect: A good workout & good music

Words to Live by: If it doesn’t challenge you… it doesn’t change you.

Guilty Pleasure: Chips Ahoy Cookies and Milk


Meet Megan

barreThe Facts: Megan Lesko teaches Barre classes here at H2L Studio. She’s certified in the Barre Above method, Barre Intensity and TRX.

Her History: Megan is a speech therapist by background, but has always loved fitness and playing sports. She enjoys strength training and HIIT workouts and is also certified in P90X live. She began taking barre and pilates to help her recover from an injury and stuck with it in order to avoid getting hurt again. Megan also runs, takes cycling classes, or does quick HIIT workouts for cross training when she isn’t taking barre or reformer. Megan is married with 2 girls and runs her own early intervention business. She recently started blogging with a group of friends for a little escape.

What to Expect: A good mix of music and exercises that will challenge you, regardless of fitness level.

Words to Live by: Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Guilty Pleasure: Dark chocolate anything.

Meet Myka

The Facts: Myka is certified as an ACE group fitness instructor and teaches cycling, strength training, barre and TRX at H2L.

Her History: Myka started lifting with her mother, who was a professional bodybuilder when she was 17 years old. She developed a passion for weight training and decided to take it to the next level. Myka started competing in strongman competitions and was 2009 PAs strongest woman. She worked as an ACSM certified personal trainer until she had her 3 youngest children. Myka has used her knowledge of strength training to connect with other moms and fell in love with group fitness. She came to us and has brought her love of lifting with her!

What to Expect: Mykas Power Barre class is a little bit of barre and a whole lotta strength! All of those classic barre moves that we love are mixed strategically in to balance the perfect combination of power and burn! Music will have a good beat to help you keep a quick pace. Expect low impact cardio bursts, a whole lot of burning and that feeling of being longer and leaner after class!

Favorite Quote: “Why fit in, when you were born to stand out?! – Dr. Seuss

Guilty Pleasure: Coffee Creamer. Peanut butter ANYTHING.

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