Olympic Athletes Who Do Pilates

We’ve all been glued to the TV watching all of our  Athletes in Rio for this year’s Summer Olympics. It got us thinking, how to they get in shape and prepare for something like this?

Pilates plays a big role in some of the Athlete’s training (we aren’t surprised!) for lots of reasons. First, Pilates helps them with aches and pains. By strengthening their upper back they can help eliminate soreness in their chest, neck and shoulders. Your core is your power house, Pilates focuses on your core the whole way around your body. All athletes can benefit from a stronger mid section! Here’s three of many athletes that use Pilates to their advantage.

fitness pilatesVictoria Pendleton- Pilates helps her balance and stay stable on her bike because it strengthens her core.



pilates mechanicsburg Missy Franklin– Enjoys her cross training day to be filled with yoga, Pilates and dancing! Pilates helps her swimming because of the increased flexibility and core strength.


pilates for athletes Andy Murray- Pilates helps this pro tennis player immensely by increasing his flexibility and back. Because of it’s low impact exercises, Pilates is perfect for Murray who has back surgery in 2013. (Do you see a trend?!)

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