“This is my favorite class! After starting to take this when it first launched at H2L, this is when I truly started to notice a difference. My arms, core, and legs are noticeably stronger and look toned. The class is always different which not only keeps my body confused but also I never get bored!  Myka is motivational which makes us want to kick some butt!” – Christina

This class is amazing.  It’s short but super powerful and strong from the very start of class.  You will push yourself hard harder than you ever thought you could, rest for a few second, and do it again!!!  You will need  a towel to dry off during this class, probably even 2 towels.  Myka is inspiring encouraging and never let’s you quit, even when you want to , she is there counting down right beside you cheering you on.  Even cracking a few jokes along the way 🙂 Tabatas is hands down one of my favorite strength training classes at H2L. – Kimberly


“I love, love, love Myka’s power circuit class! [It] pushes you both physically and mentally. All around great workout that can be tailored to many fitness levels. There is always a new level to strive for in this class if you want to push yourself.”

Myka’s enthusiasm for what she does and how she does it is contagious! She offers support, encouragement, and inspiration. Even when the class is challenging, she sprinkles in humor to lighten the mood and keep me moving! – Sarah

“Tabatas Express is a great way to get cardio and strength training in one class. The high-intensity movements last for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Myka motivates us to keep pushing as hard as we can, always reminding us that we can do anything for 20 seconds. I love that we work all of our muscles in only 30 minutes!” – Lori