“My two favorite teachers are Erica Sehar and Adrienne Beady.  I am in awe of the passion, commitment, and dedication of these two young women.  Barefoot is an intriguing class that combines aerobic, strength training and yoga.  The time just flies!” – Linda H.


Barefoot is AMAZING!!! A great combination of everything so that you get the ultimate workout!! Cardio, Pilates, core, yoga, strength training, meditation and a self-foot massage all in one!! Try it out!! – Jen C.

“I’ve been a member about two weeks now and am LOVING Barefoot class, it’s my favorite class for three reasons: fabulous instructor, it helps me feel stronger physically and emotionally, and it KICKS MY BUTT! ” – Kathleen G.

I love this class because it gives some much needed care and attention to my feet.  The class offers a bit of everything, and is a great way to start the day.  The foot massage is awesome.  I highly recommend Barefoot if your feet need some love! – Laura B.

“I took Barefoot HITT for the first time this morning and absolutely loved it! It was a great way to start off my Friday and keep myself motivated for the weekend. I was a little leery about having enough energy to do such a work out that early but Adrienne was super motivating and kept me really pumped up. I can’t wait to take this class again next week.” – Kandace K.