For any occasion or event

There are plenty of reasons you may be interested in learning more about our Private Group Classes. Celebrating a birthday, a bachelorette weekend, a wedding morning, an employee night out.. and more! No matter the reason or celebration, we’re here to customize any Group Fitness Class to your needs. We also teach Private Group Classes for clients who have a small group of people just getting started and want a special Beginner Style class. We’re here for you.. no matter the reason, our Private Classes could be your answer!


We LOVE working with brides to plan the perfect class for their wedding party. May it be a bachelorette workout, the morning before the wedding sweat, or just something fun to do with your friends to celebrate your nuptials… we can work with you to do anything you want.

Want to hang out at the studio with your friends after and sip champagne? Have some snacks ready for post-class refuel? Theme your class playlist to celebrate love? A little yoga the night before to help relax you? Bonding for your family and your soon-to-be husband / wife / inlaws? Whatever you can dream, we can do.

We cater to your specific time and location.  We are always down to travel to your home, venue or anywhere you have space. We love working with your wedding venues, wedding planning or maid of honor, if you choose us to coordinate with them.


There are so many reasons to do activities outside of work with your employees or co-workers. For starters, getting teams together outside of the office/work environment helps them build strong relationships as they get to talk and get to know eachother. It’s a great way to improve communication because they feel more comfortable around each other, it boosts moral because they are more relaxed and it’s a great team building activity. 

We love doing private classes for a group of co-workers! These classes can be customized for any of our class styles, can be made as team drills, or have certain themes. We can come to your office, meet you outside somewhere or you can come into our studio! 

Whatever works best for your group, we can achieve it. 


Parents are always trying to find fun and creative things to do with their kids for parties. Cake and ice cream are great (really, they are!) but what else can you do with the kids?! 

We are happy to host your Kid’s Birthday in our studio. We can rent you the space, or we can do a special Kid’s Yoga-themed Birthday where we lead the kids through a fun and motiving class (can be whatever theme your child wants like animals, space, birthday, or beach.. endless possibilities). 

We can do Toddlers (ages 3-5) or Kid’s (ages 5-11). 

It’s not just for kids! We’ve done a bunch of Birthday Themed Rides for friends and families to celebrate the people you love. When you book a private class for a birthday or any other celebration you get to customize the music genres, or the drills, whatever you want to see, we can do.


Our favorite way to give back to our community here at H2L Studio is to facilitate fundraisers! Reach out to talk about your options for your charity or causes close to your heart.