People are hard to shop for. We get it!

Rather than struggling to find something.. how about this year you give the gift of health and wellness?

With all the different options of classes and events, it might be best to purchase them a gift card to do as they please. We have gift cards for sale in the studio ( make sure you call or email to make sure someone is there when you stop by. We are only there when we have classes unless otherwise stated.)

What can gift cards be used for?
Everything at the studio! Classes, Massages, Reiki or Reflexology Appointments, Retail, Events, anything!

How do you buy the gift card online?!
Click the Buy One Online Now button to be re-directed to our online sales software. There you can select or enter your amount. Make sure their name is correct so it will be applied to their account. If you don’t want the email to go to them right away, don’t check the box. You can tell them about it however you want and it will automatically be applied to their account.

You can even print a gift card out when purchased online!

How does it work?
You can buy a gift card for a set amount, and someone can use that towards whatever they want. So if you bought them $50, they could buy retail, a massage or put it towards some classes. If you want them to have a specific item you can buy a gift card for exactly what you want using the links below. For this option, you pick if you buy a package, a massage or a single class and they can only use their gift card for those items. So it’s up to you which option you pick.