Power Circuit: This class starts off with an invigorating warm-up built off of full body movements and progresses into a heart-pounding strength workout! We incorporate compound muscle building/toning moves with cardio to have you pushing to your max and to keep your metabolism soaring. Don’t be fooled! This workout is for all fitness levels, beginner to advanced, we will have something for everyone!

Tabatas Express: This express class will get your heart pumping and your muscles burning! Dynamic movements are done at a fast pace to make sure you finish your week strong. Cardio, strength, balance and core work will all be packed into this 30-minute class. Join us and start your weekend with a calorie-torching workout!

Power HIIT: Cardio bursts and strength movements are paired together perfectly in this High-Intensity Interval Training class! You will use the interval periods to elevate and decrease your heart rate to supercharge your metabolism for the next 24-36 hours. Show up ready to squat low, jump high, push, pull and sweat!

Still need convincing? Here’s some FAQ.

What is strength training?
Strength training- also known as weight training or resistant training- is an activity designed to improve muscular fitness by exercising specific muscles or muscle groups against an external resistance, including free weights, bands or even your own body-weight. The basic principle is to overload the muscle so it needs to adapt and get stronger! Every time you lift you break down muscle tissue ever so slightly so that your body will heal and rebuild the muscle back stronger. Your body is stubborn and it wants to succeed! When you push your muscles- they will push back!

Who can do these classes?
“I’m too old for that!”  “I’m not strong enough to do that!”  “That looks impossible!”  — (things we often hear)
Chances are if you think these thoughts then you are the exact person that should add some resistance exercises into their routine!  Strength training helps to build muscle, yes, but that’s not all it does! Do you have high cholesterol levels? You can improve them with dumbbells! Is your blood sugar all over the place? You can help control it but doing shoulder presses! Are you worried about your bone density levels? Not only will you increase your muscles but you can increase your bone density as well! These are just a few of the many benefits of adding in those weighted exercises. As you are doing those squats you are also building a stronger heart, improving your blood flow and increasing the endurance of your muscles! Not to mention studies have shown that your metabolism is elevated for up to 38 hours after your training session, so while you are sleeping that night your body is still working hard to burn fat and rebuild your muscle fibers.
I have an old injury that flares up with certain movements. Will I still be able to participate in the class?
Yes! We would recommend that you get in touch with your doctor and the instructor of the class prior to going over any limitations that you may have, but there are ways to work every single muscle safely and we want to make you get the most out of your workout!
What if I am not strong enough to do some of the exercises that the instructor has planned?
There will always be modifications offered in each class to make sure you work at your personal fitness level. You might not be strong enough today, but you will be tomorrow!

Meet Sarah Arnold

Her History: Sarah has been passionate about running for most of her life. Track&Field, Cross Country, 5Ks, half marathon training, you name it – she’s done it, or at least tried it. As a track and field athlete back in high school, Sarah found a love for weights and cross training just as much as her cardio workouts. She would tell you there’s nothing quite like the feeling of your muscles working to their limits in a focused, circuit style environment! Outside of teaching strength and cycling classes, Sarah loves to do DIY projects, outdoor activities, and is a stay at home mother of her two children – Owen and Thea.

What to Expect: During Sarah’s classes, you can look forward to jamming out to the latest hits, yesterday’s classics, and remixes. Expect a challenging, yet fun environment as you work your way through a full body workout, filled with weights, resistance bands, and of course those cardio bursts!

Favorite Quote: “Do or do not, there is no try.” – Yoda

Guilty Pleasure: All the sweets, online shopping.

Meet Ariel Hilsinger

indoor cyclingThe Facts: Ariel Hilsinger currently teaches cycling and combo classes, tabatas express classes, and TRX classes here at H2L studio. She’s certified as an ACE group exercise instructor, Schwinn cycling instructor, and TRX suspension training instructor.

Her History: Her passion for fitness began in childhood with a love for soccer and basketball, which she played throughout school. She moved on to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from High Point University in 2014 and her Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Elon University in 2017. She started taking various group exercise classes while living in North Carolina. After returning home to Pennsylvania, she began attending barre, HIT, and cycling classes at H2L and found a new passion. She loves the combination of intensity and fun that the classes offer, and wishes to share that with all of the clients at H2L. When she isn’t working as a Physician Assistant, running her own skincare business with Rodan and Fields, or teaching at H2L, you can find her spending time with friends and family, having game nights, traveling the world with her husband, Mackenzie, or spending time with her 3 cats: Aria, Luna, and Nala.

What to Expect: During a class with Ariel, you can expect to push yourself to the next level while jamming to a variety of today’s and yesterday’s hits, remixes, and new songs that will pump you up.

Favorite Quote: “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” — Theodore Roosevelt

Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream, pickles and bacon 🙂