Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a gentle, yet powerful non-intrusive hands-on technique that is useful in promoting stress management, personal growth, and the healing of body, mind, and spirit. Reiki is based on the principle that when the flow of energy becomes blocked in energy centers, known as Chakra’s, the body enters a state of imbalance. If our energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being healthy and happy. The goal of working with Reiki and with Rock healing is to loosen blocked energy and allow the body to re-establish its natural equilibrium. Doing so can bring about increased feelings of contentment, possibility, well-being, and healing on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Price List:
Single Sixty Minute Treatment: $65
Single Thirty Minute Treatment: $35
Introductory Package (series of four treatments): $230

Now offering Restorative Energy Healing Sessions with Lissa!

Price List:
Single Sixty Minute Treatment: $65

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Restorative Energy Healing Sessions
Through awareness, attention, and intention to the breath, the whole body opens and creates space for lightness and healing. During the session, tools such as Singing Bowls, Drums, Crystals, Pendulums, Feathers and Smudge sprays are used to help support and balance energy centers in the body. These sessions are meant to be used to hold a safe sacred space to draw in high vibrational energy.


What is Energy Healing?
Energy flows through everything. Energy Healing is a term that can use different modalities to restore and balance your energetic body. This type of healing is used to help facilitate the release of negativity, blockages, and energy deficiencies in the body. The Breath is ones most powerful tool to help heal your energy system, so during a session with Lissa, there is much emphasis on the breath to keep your entire energetic system working towards balance. 

The Term Healer
The “Healer” is the one holding space. Creating a high vibrational environment for the body to move back into alignment. You, as the client, are using this sacred space to heal yourself. Look at the “healer” as a conduit, a facilitator to your own personal connection with nature, with The Divine. This space is used for you to open up, relax, (fall asleep if that is what your body needs!). Through this, emotional blockages and imbalances may creep up. Things that you didn’t realize that you were holding on to, that prevented you from moving forward, prevented you from growth in a specific area. Let these experiences and emotions happen, because it is through these breakthroughs that the cleansing and healing can occur. 

Reiki FAQ

Reiki mechanicsburgWhat does the word “Reiki” mean?
Reiki is a Japanese word that is usually translated as “universal life energy.” The word itself is divided into two parts, rei and ki. Rei stands for the “wisdom and knowledge of the universe” and refers to the higher intelligence that guides the creation and functioning of the universe. Ki stands for the”life force energy” that flows through every living and non-living thing, such as people, animals, plants, and rocks.

I’m preganant, can I schedule a Reiki session?
Yes. Infact, you should schedule one! Pregnant women and their unborn babies can both benefit greatly from Reiki’s gentle, yet powerful, healing energies. The most beneficial aspect of a Reiki treatment during pregnancy is that it is completely safe for both the mother-to-be and baby. These treatments can help expecting mothers with some of the common pregnancy symptoms such as tiredness, back pain, headaches, morning sickness, sore or swollen feet, mood changes, poor sleeping, stress, and anxiety. Learn more about pregnancy and reiki here. 

Can Reiki and Rock treatments cure me of my ailments?
First it is important to have a clear understanding of the difference between curing and healing. Curing means to eradicate an illness or disease completely. The treatments offered at Reiki Rocks are not meant to replace diagnosis and treatment for illnesses or diseases by a qualified medical professional. Healing, however, can occur on many levels, such as emotional, mental, and spiritual. The goal of the treatments at Reiki Rocks is to help bring you back into a state of balance, to a place from which you can heal for your greatest good, benefiting all and harming none.

Specifically, Reiki and Rock treatments are beneficial for pain relief, boosting the immune system, encouraging restful sleep, and relieving anxiety and depression. They can also be used as a tool for personal growth, empowerment, and developing an enhanced sense of gratitude and possibility in the world. It is important to remember though, that there is only one healer of your body and that is you. Your body already possesses everything it needs to heal itself. It is the mission of Reiki Rocks to offer you kindhearted guidance, along with complete and confidential support, on your journey towards rediscovering that healing power.

Reiki sessionHow do I decide if getting a Reiki Rocks treatment is right for me?
You may decide to do some research on your own about Reiki, or talk to other people who have received a Reiki and/or Rocks treatment. Since everyone is different, the effects of each treatment will vary from person to person. So perhaps the best way to decide is to simply experience a Reiki Rocks treatment for yourself. Comments that I have heard from clients are: “I feel so much lighter,” “I didn’t want it to end,” “I slept like a baby the night of my treatment,” “I had so much energy afterwards,” “I wasn’t sure what to think, but it was so relaxing,” and “It felt like all of this stress just floated away.”

Can Reiki Rocks treatments work with other forms of conventional medicine or other holistic healing treatments?
Since Reiki Rocks treatments are a completely safe method of healing and self-improvement, they can be used in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. The treatments are also safe to use with children, the elderly, terminally ill patients, and pregnant women.