Pilates Equipment Classes

Using the Pilates reformer and other Pilates equipment, these classes offer cardio and strengthening.

Private Lessons:
Private sessions are performed on various pieces of equipment and are tailored specifically to your goals and abilities. Semi-private lessons are great way to share the cost and fun with friends. Private lessons can be on any of the equipment including the Pilates reformer, chair, tower and Cadillac.

Beginner Pilates Equipment
This class is the perfect place to start if you are new to Pilates, recently completed the Private Intro package or have some health concerns that may need modifications.  The emphasis in the class will be on learning the fundamental Pilates exercises with special attention to proper alignment and technique. The class will be at a slower pace so that you can effectively and safely learn the equipment and the Pilates method while still experiencing all the core strengthening and flexibility benefits.

Pilates Equipment
This class is geared towards the client who has developed confidence in the beginner class and is able to safely adjust the equipment at the direction of the instructor and has a good understanding of the fundamental exercises and possible modifications they may need.  The class will be a more choreographed group of exercises to create flow from one exercise to the next with emphasis on increasing the challenge and scope of exercises. Prior Pilates experience or completion of beginner classes is preferred.

Advanced Pilates Equipment
This class is geared to the client who has demonstrated a good understanding of the Pilates Method, have developed a deeper mind/body core connection and are ready for a more challenging class with quicker flow between exercises.  Clients should have a working knowledge of the equipment and are able to make adjustments at the direction of the instructor. Prior Pilates experience is required for this class.

Pilates FAQ

We know you have questions, so we made a list of answers! We know a new fitness class, can be nerve wracking but we are here to help.

Pilates Instructors

Get to know the people behind the springs. Learn what you can expect from your Pilates class with them and a little about their history!

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