Come for a ride, leave with an experience.  Like no other studio in Central PA, H2L offers indoor cycling classes that will rock your mind, body, and soul.  The forty-five-minute fat-burning class allows you to explore your capabilities on the bike in a stunning space that stimulates your senses.


Indoor cycling class of flats and hills, on a whole new level.  In every class, whether on the leaderboard or not, you will find yourself improving your fitness, feeling the beats of the music, and excelling from the energy in the room.  No matter where you are at in life, know from the warm-up to the cool down and everything in between, this ride was made for you!


Get ready for the ride of a lifetime, the perfect combination of toning, strengthening and cardio! Join us for a new class at H2L Studio, a 60 minutes combo class. Cycle+Sculpt is 30 minutes of the spin class you’ve grown to love followed by 30 minutes toning exercises. This full body fitness will be your favorite hour of the day!


This class will combine indoor cycling with a BootCamp style workout to help you achieve the results you are looking for.  Indoor cycling provides an intense cardio workout, burning more calories than virtually any other exercise on the planet.  Bootcamp style workouts help strengthen and define the muscles of the upper body, core, and lower body.  Together, these two exercises will burn max calories, provide mind-clearing benefits, strengthen and tone the muscles of the upper body, lower body and most importantly the core muscles.  This class is designed for individuals looking to tone up and lose weight but is open to any and all athletes looking to push themselves to the next level in their fitness journey. Mats, towels, and weights provided.  Learn more in our blog post about Cycle + Bootcamp. 


This sixty-minute class will feature thirty minutes of H2L’s traditional cycling class followed by thirty minutes of an upbeat Vinyasa yoga class. If you are new to yoga or feel you aren’t flexible enough to take a yoga class, don’t worry! The yoga portion of the class is appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioner. Practicing yoga after cycling will allow you to stretch out your legs and lower back, while still building your strength and stamina. The class will end with five minutes of peaceful relaxation, and a happier and a healthier you! )


This class starts with 30 minutes in the cycle studio. You’ll climb hills, sprint and even do some interval training to music and instructors that keep you motivated and gets your heart rate up. After a great cardio workout, you’ll move out of the cycle studio for 15 minutes of strictly core movements. You’ll be planking, crunching (and so much more!) with props and without to work your entire midsection.


A combination of indoor-cycling and TRX! We’ll start this class with 30-minutes of cardio on the bikes followed by 20-minutes of strength and balance training on the TRX Suspension Training system. We’ll use your body weight to help build strength on the suspension trainer. A perfect mix to accomplish the most in just 50-minutes.


This 60-minute triple threat class will push you in ways you have not been pushed before! 30-minutes of Cycling where steep climbs and quick sprints will challenge your cardio and endurance! Then we move onto 20-minutes of Bootcamp where we will use dumbbells and other equipment to challenge your strength with big functional movements to work all of the muscles groups. We will finish with 10-minutes of core-focused exercises to complete your full-body workout. This class hits all levels and all levels of fitness are welcome!

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