Along with the variety of yoga, Pilates and barre classes we also offer more group classes to fit your needs. Read more below!

Mat Class: A group class performed on a Pilates mat designed for all levels of students.Using your own body to create resistance, it combines the classical elements of Pilates apparatus routines minus the equipment.

Barefoot:  A healthy, aligned and balanced body begins in your feet.  This class is a fusion of foot fitness, functional high-energy movement, mind-body postures and ends with an uplifting meditation. Find out more about this class on our Blog — What is Barefoot?

Barefoot HIT: A 45-minute workout designed to get you moving! Functional cardio and strength work combine the best of all worlds. Get in, get out, get sweaty!

Completely Core Express: This 30-mintue class is dedicated to your core. Using various moves and props we’ll spend 30 minutes sculpting your midsection including back, front and obliques.

Dance Fitness- Dance Fitness Class: This is a fun music video-inspired workout class that will leave you feeling empowered and sweaty while boosting your endorphins! Beginning with a warmup, we’ll then learn a full section of the choreography from the music video of the week. These change every few weeks! Let go of your inhibitions and dance your heart out. Classes are for all dance levels and are about fun and fitness. No dance experience necessary.