New Year – New You?! Or, same you … just better routine!? OR! Same you.. same routine.. just with prizes.

No matter what — this “20 classes in 2020” is your time to SHINE. Literally, we hope your sweat shines this month as we challenge you to take 20 classes in the month of January.

You’ll find a large tracking chart in the TRX Room and in the Yoga Room for you to keep track of your classes. Don’t worry.. we can confirm how many classes at the end of the month if you lose count.

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The Overall Winner wins a $50 Athleta Giftcard and a gift bag full of “Gym Bag Goodies”

Everyone’s name will be added to a drawing to win a $50 H2L Gift Card.

Each class you take you will be given a sticker to add to your name.

1. Everyone who hits 20 classes will be added into a drawing to win a $50 H2L Gift Card (can be used for massage, reiki, reflexology, classes, retail, etc!).

2. Every class you attend after your 20 will earn you an additional entry.

3. The person who attends the most classes will win a gift bag that includes a $50 Athleta Giftcard and some other goodies for your gym bag. (If there is a tie, we will choose the winner based on the person between the two that went to the most classes in December, as well.)

Unlimited Members: Please note your packages will need to be renewed early if you hit your 30 classes before your renewal date.

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