Have you ever felt like you plateaued in your fitness journey? Or maybe you feel that way right now. Here might be a few techniques to try in order to break out of that plateau and continue to increase your fitness level.

When we get into a routine of working out, we tend to stick to what we know. Change it up add in something that may be different, look up new leg workouts to add into leg day or change up your cardio by doing hill sprints rather than your typical 3-mile jog. Whatever it may be for you to try something different. Some people may not feel comfortable adding a new exercise into their routine so instead, try adjusting the weight or changing how many reps/sets you do. Just because you lower the weight does not mean or are not getting a ‘good workout’. 


Nutrition will play a huge part in how your body will handle your workouts. If you are filling your body with simple sugars such as candies and chocolate, you will find yourself fatigue easier and not perform to the best of your abilities. The only way to push past that plateau is to take care of yourself by filling it with nutritious meals that will not only fuel you for your workout but replenish the nutrients that was lost to promote recovery and build those muscles.


Never forget that when you are working out you need to replace the water that you are losing. If you are not drinking throughout your workout by the end it will be much harder to perform to the best of your abilities because your body will be so fatigued and will start to slow down. Drinking water will prevent that slowdown and help you push through to the end of your workout. And also, have you seen our new water bottles?! If these fun colors don’t give you a reason to sip a little more H2O I have no idea what will!




Although most of us are probably sick of hearing it sleep is so important for our mental and physical abilities. If we are not resting our bodies and giving them time to recover, we will not be able to push past the plateau. Sleep is needed for muscle recovery and restoring energy for your next workout. Try a class like Restorative Yoga or Meditation related workshops to help train your brain to shut. the. heck. off. Learn more at our Events Page to see what would work for you.


Many people join gyms in the hopes to get fit. The first few months tend to be really rewarding because they can see the changes and start to feel better. As the months go on, they start to plateau and get discouraged. That is the perfect time to join a studio such as H2L Studio, LLC. There you can receive structured classes that will push you and give you new exercises to do while you are at the gym. Also, it will allow you to meet new people and motivate you to keep up the good work!