Your First Class

Wondering what to expect from your first class? Don’t worry, we are here to help! The guidelines are the same if you’re taking a yoga, barre, cycling, trx or Pilates class.

Before you start class, we’ll have you sign up online in advance! You can do this by clicking on the SCHEDULE tab above, using our App in the App Store (Search H2L Studio) or using the MindBody App.

Recently, we’ve moved into electronic waivers.. so if you’re signing up online you’ll take care of our waiver there!

Just head over to the schedule tab and pick your class. You’ll be asked to create a login, that you’ll always use to sign up for classes online.

Once you arrive at the studio we’ll show you the equipment or props we’ll be using in class and help you find a spot on the equipment, mat, floor or barre. We have all the props you’ll need. If this is a yoga class you’re attending, you are welcome to bring your own mat or we have some to offer. We always suggest coming 10-15 minutes eary for your first class so we can answer any questions and show you around.

Be sure to tell us of any issues you may be having or health concerns so the instructor can address them.

Wear something comfortable, we’ll get you moving. We don’t wear sneakers here, and the option is yours if you want to wear socks or go barefoot. We prefer you in socks, but some people are more comfortable without. We have Pilates and Yoga socks you available for purchase if you wish. TRX you’ll need to wear sneakers.

If you’re coming for cycling, TRX, Power Curicut or a Cycling Combo class, feel free to enter in Suite 105, the door with the Cycling logo. There you can store your personal items in the lockers and get ready for class. Get ready for your spin class by packing water to help you stay hydrated. We don’t discriminate against footwear so pack your clip in bike shoes or sneakers.

See you at the studio!

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