Finding Calm in Chaos

All throughout the day thoughts race through your mind, it is never ending and sometimes can induce stress and anxiety. Majority of the time these thoughts circulate around the past and future, not the present. Bringing an act of mindfulness into your day to day life can give reason to those thoughts. It is nearly impossible to stop all thoughts, so work with and acknowledge them. By focusing on your breath, stillness is cultivated bringing mindfulness to the foreground of your thoughts.

A few key recommendations to create Mindfulness: 

  1. Put your phone on airplane mode and any other physical distractions away and set it in another room. When engaging in mindfulness it needs to involve just yourself.

  2. Think about your thoughts and emotions. How are you feeling today? Try to ignore and move past the spiraling thoughts of “I have to do this today, I need to remember this…” Just focus on your emotions.

  3. Now think about your behaviors. If you are in a constant state of busyness, acknowledge that. Being busy and not taking a break is a strong starting point for practicing mindfulness. Your behaviors could also consist of laziness or being unfocused. Just be aware of them for now.

  4. After feeling all your emotions and behaviors for this point in your day, begin to question them. Is there a reasoning as to why you are acting this way? Again do not be judgemental, but simply try to think of what factors can play into this. Maybe a solution will arise in your mind and if not that is okay.
  5. Now assess your body, look for soreness, tension or any pain in your body. Taking time to do this can ensure you are taking care of yourself. Focusing on your physical body will only benefit health in the future. Scheduling a massage will help if you come across some form of stress either physically or mentally.

  6. Lastly, think of gratitude. What are you thankful for? Where do you feel you can grow as a person? Take into consideration how far you’ve come in the past month, 6 months and year.

deep tissue massages

If you are struggling to find some peace we offer a few services that might help. Reiki, Reflexolgoy and Massage appointments are avalible to book and always provide a peaceful expierence. Yoga of any kind is another great option here at H2L Studio. We’d love to help you ease your mind.. find some peace and relax.