New to Pilates?! You’ve come to the right place. 

We encourage everyone who is new to Pilates to start with our 3 Beginner Private Lessons. This is 3 sessions with just you and the instructor to get you used to the equipment. We have found it typically takes all 3 sessions to get comfortable, but then clients are usually ready to jump into a Pilate Group Class.

How do you get started?

You’ll have to book your Beginner Private Lesson online by clicking here. We charge $99 for the 3 sessions, just you and the instructor. Use the button below to book your session.

Schedule Your Beginner Session Here

More about Pilates: 
There are several reasons why you may have found your way here… maybe you are looking for a way to strengthen your body without causing it more stress? Or, thinking about adding something new to your fitness routine? Maybe you’ve heard the stars talk about it in movies and shows. Or, maybe you’ve seen the equipment in the studio and thought ‘What the heck?”. Some are even being referred to us by doctors or physical therapists, as Pilates can be used as a healing tool for many injuries and surgeries.