Whether you are a child, teenager, or adult, most people know the feeling of not getting enough sleep at night. We’ve all woken up wishing we had a few more minutes because we know we don’t feel rested enough to start the day.

While you may want to just grab a cup of coffee and keep going about your day, it might be time to reconsider and try to hit the hay a little earlier instead. Not getting enough sleep can lead to negative effects on your attention and memory throughout the day. It can weaken your immune system, and leave you feeling unmotivated. In order to perform at your job, school, or during your daily workout, getting a well-rested night’s sleep is beneficial to perform your best.

Other things sleep can affect are your mood and stress levels. More sleep helps you stay more positive and feel happier, and helps decrease stress and feeling of anxiety. 

So what does that mean? How much sleep should you really be aiming for? According to healthline.com, 7-9 hours of well-rested sleep is recommended for the average adult per night. Try getting more sleep and see if your memory becomes sharper.

mechanicsburg cyclingOne thing we’ve noticed about better sleep habits is better workouts! Your performance will feel better and you’ll feel more motivated to get going.  Sleep and exercise have a sort of ‘chicken and egg’ relationship. If you get regular exercise, you should be able to sleep better. Better sleep helps you stay on track with your workouts… which then helps you sleep again! It’s a win-win when it comes to those two. Get a little more of both, and you’ll feel better.. We promise!

Whether you are up late doing office work or getting your children to sleep, try to remember the important benefits of getting a healthy amount of sleep. Try to teach your kids and family healthy sleep habits early and everyone will benefit. Have we convinced you? Okay good, now go and get those  7-9 hours of sleep, and then come crush a morning workout with us!