Just as adults need yoga, kids do as well. In a world with busy after school and weekend activities, video games, school, homework, and sports. Kids need to feel grounded and a chance to reconnect with themselves alongside friends. Taking Yoga helps them combat the daily stressors that they feel as summer ends and school begins. 
yoga for kids
The lessons that stem from taking yoga will set a strong foundation for them for now (and future) with health and wellness. From learning and seeing that everybody’s body is different and finding their own self-acceptance to building confidence, what is learned in yoga will stretch on throughout their lives.
The mental lessons in yoga are what make it so special and different from any other type of workout but the physical practice of taking yoga is great too. Kids will learn about what their bodies are able to do and see growth in their flexibility and strength after each class.  
Teaching children to slow down can be difficult at times, but with the specific breathing exercises, they can learn to relax and be present. Having kids practice this will help them stay calm in yoga or the classroom. We offer Kid’s Yoga every month on the first Saturday of the month at 10am! The best part is we offer a Cycle Express also at 10am, so parents can let their kids do some yoga while they cycle. Everyone wins!
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