H2L's 3rd Birthday Post - Change is good!

I certainly have a love for schedules, to-lists, and color-coded planners. I love things that just… are. I love when you don’t have to ask the same questions only to hear different answers. I love knowing what’s next and what it entails. I love traditions because they never change.  I love having control. I know how I like things, and in my mind, that’s the only way to do it.

mechanicsburgIt’s a blessing and curse.

I’m often caught off guard with the unknown. Literally, it stops me in my tracks when I don’t know what’s coming. 

There have been times, over the past three years at H2L, that I’ve stopped in my tracks because I don’t have the answers. There are times where I am not in control.

Those times have taught me more than I’ll ever be able to explain, and here’s why…

We’re a community that is always changing. There are fitness trends emerging left and right, there are policies and rules coming out of the woodworks. New songs, new moves, new equipment. The fitness world is always spinning (and sometimes my head along with it). So I haven’t always known what’s next. I haven’t always been able to color code the schedule to my liking because things are new.

The sensation that used to keep me up at night, has now taught me that change is good. The unknown challenges you. Learning new things strengthens your mind.

Aren’t those the words that we preach about? Doesn’t the world encourage you to change, challenge and strengthen?

So plain and simple, the last three years with H2L have taught me to let it go. Don’t hold on to the things you don’t know, or can’t change. Because change is good.

Don’t let your mind wander all night long over things that won’t be resolved in the morning.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Don’t let the thought of change send a shiver down your spine.

Try something new. Challenge yourself. Take risks. I promise you… It is not as scary as it seems.

Take a class you haven’t yet. Attend a workshop by yourself. Try a new recipe with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Don’t let the unknown stand in your way. Embrace it! It can be exciting and can result in something wonderful.

My hope is, that H2L has had the same effect on you as it has on me. I hope you have branched out of your comfort zone and found that something wonderful, worth celebrating.

So, this month is for you! It’s a celebration of every client that has ever tried something new, and been a part of our ride! For all of you who have embraced the unknown when you walked through our doors. For each client that turned “I’ll try that someday” to today.

Are you with me now? Change is good! I’m still color coding my calendars and I just finished writing out my to-do-list for the week. But, I don’t hold on to those things as tightly as I once did. I don’t always have all the answers, and that’s okay.

Here’s to you! Here’s to the next year, and many more!

Xoxo to you all, I am more grateful to you than you will ever know!