Barre & Yoga for Runners

barre for runners

We love our runners. We love their dedication to the sport. We love how much, they love it! We were so inspired by them, we decided to give them their own, specially tailored class to improve their running. Now offering Barre for Runners and Yoga for Runners. Make sure you check our Facebook or this page to see when the classes are!

Barre for Runners: Cross-training is an integral part of a successful running program, and Barre for Runners is a class that targets the muscles that runners must build to go the distance. This class combines the leg and core strengthening from a typical barre class with HIIT intervals focusing on speed and leg turnover to benefit your run. Your heart rate will increase and you will sweat! This is the perfect class for a strengthening day… tones the muscles without adding bulk. Whether you are starting a couch to 5K program or trying to qualify for Boston, this class needs to be part of your training arsenal!

Yoga for Runners: A consistent yoga practice is known to help runners improve strength, flexibility, endurance, mental sharpness, breathing, and performance. Incorporating yoga into your routine will help you keep a balanced body. Runner’s need more than just their long runs to train their body.

Sunday, March 22nd at 8am
Sunday, April 19th at 8am