Toddler & Me Classes

Toddler + Me Classes at H2L Studio (ages 1-4 welcome!)

h2l studio class of toddlers for yoga

Toddler + Me Yoga Classes are a great way to get you and your child moving while bonding and having fun!

These classes are taught by Chelsea Montagnese. Chelsea received her RYT 200-hour yoga certification in August 2018.  Her passion for fitness and yoga inspired her to share it with others both in the studio and in her career!  She started Yogability LLC, a kid’s yoga business, to give kids fun and accessible yoga that is appropriate for their developmental level from toddlers to teens!  She loves to incorporate language-learning, mindfulness, and play into her kid’s yoga classes!  When she isn’t teaching or doing yoga she works as a pediatric speech-language pathologist, and enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and 3-year-old daughter!


mechanicsburg toddlerTone with Toddlers is a 45-minute class that will get you sweating and your toddlers moving. It’s a full-body workout class full of functional strength movements and dynamic stretching.. all while laughing and having fun with your toddler.

Tone with Toddlers is taught by Cami. Cami has trained through Barre Intensity, and is a mom of three herself. She loves being able to bring you a good workout while your kids also get to enjoy themselves and see you modeling healthy practices. She is passionate about mommy workouts as she really began to prioritize fitness more after becoming a mom. When she first began working out regularly from home, having kids climb on her during a plank or try jumping jacks beside her was the norm. Before finding H2L, Cami began participating in and leading momma bootcamps with kids included. Her heart is for you moms, dads, and care-givers to find your own strength and confidence as you work out and that this would overflow to your kids. These classes are meant to be fun for all. So we won’t sweat the small stuff (we all know toddlers are still learning and exploring and sometimes might rather watch), but we will indeed sweat!

Tone with Toddlers is taught by Myka Mills. Myka is certified through ACE and Barre Intensity but more important than that, Myka is a mom. She has 4 children and has rocked her workouts through every stage of being a mom! Myka LOVES fitness and has found fun ways to continue her own fitness routine while engaging her little ones at the same time. The best way to teach your children how to be healthy and love to move is to lead by example and include them in the fun! That is exactly what Myka does in her classes. She understands that toddlers are still exploring the world around them and their own bodies in space so she allows them to learn new fun exercises through play!

These classes always fill, fast! Make sure you sign up to reserve yours today! Click below to sign up. Please note — you just sign up for the adult, we assume you are bringing a toddler with you. 😉 If you plan to bring two adults (both parents, you’ll need to register both of you).

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