Toddler + Me Yoga at H2L Studio

h2l studio class of toddlers for yoga

“Embrace. The. Chaos.

These were my sister’s words when I called to tell her the exciting news that I was teaching Toddler Yoga. She is a mother of a toddler and I immediately sought her out for any last minute advice about teaching toddlers.

She was right.

Yet, in the “chaos” there was play, connection, encouragement and love between the mothers and their little ones. Through yoga play, children are embarking on the process of human growth, development, and empowerment. Children who play with their parents and peers are gaining insight into how relationships work, how speech, language and listening skills develop, and as a bonus – it boosts cognitive development! Research has shown, that children who are involved in role-playing and imaginative play, engage in more sophisticated, higher-order thinking.

We are born with 100 billion brain neurons and with rich experiences and exposure to different uses of our senses, we learn to adapt, collaborate, communicate, and be more joyful. Basically – neurons that fire together, wire together!

And… this includes us, the adults. Yoga play helps us to be more creative at our jobs, stimulates our own natural curiosities, and might give us more willing to take risks, but the best part? …We are forming, stronger, more trusting relationships with our children. Put simply, yoga and play make for happy kids – and better, more fulfilled parents.”  — Sarah Ballard, H2L’s Toddler + Me Yoga Instructor

These classes always fill, fast! Make sure you sign up to reserve yours today! Click below to sign up. Please note — you just sign up for the adult, we assume you are bringing a toddler with you. 😉 If you plan to bring two adults (both parents, you’ll need to register both of you).

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