What is TRX? TRX is a suspension training system that uses two straps in an effective way to build muscle. These classes will strengthen your body while adding some cardio and flexibility work. Everything is powered by your core, so it’s truly a full-body workout. We’ll use your body weight to accomplish simple moves (squats, lunges, push (ups), planks, hinges, etc.).

Can I use my package? Yes! All of our Group Class packages can be used for TRX, Barre, Yoga, Mat Pilates, Barefoot, Tabatas, Core Express, Cycling, and any Cycling + Combo class! The pricing on these is first class $5, single class $15, 5-pack of classes is $55 or a 10-pack of classes for $100. Unlimited members are welcome as well!

Do I need to have experience? Just like any class at the studio, we prefer that you start with one of our Beginner Workshops. Each month we try to hold one for each class. Sometimes the schedule changes, so make sure you look at our Events/Workshops page to mark your calendar.

If that doesn’t work out, we welcome all levels into our classes. We just encourage you to work within your comfort zone and take any modifications that the instructors offer you. So, yes.. you can just in without experience!

What do I need to bring? Just wear your sneakers, something comfortable and maybe bring a water. Everything else you’ll need for class, we’ll provide. You can enter in the Cycle Door (Suite 105) at the studio.

What does TRX stand for? Total Body Resistance Exercise. TRX was actually invented by a Navy Seal that wanted a way to get in the best shape, no matter where he was. It’s called the TRX Suspension Trainer. Our staps stay in one place, but the idea behind them was you can take them anywhere and use them indoors or outdoors, on a wall, fence, tree, door.. wherever you can attach it.

Do I need sneakers? Yes, we wear sneakers or gym shoes during these classes.

What are the benefits? The great thing about TRX is the total-body workout you get from class as we target each muscle group. You’ll find you are working your core and increasing your muscle endurance. Another benefit is that all levels can find TRX enjoyable, from pro athletes to beginners, seniors, and those with injuries. You’ll find that you will become more flexible, stronger, and be able to push yourself a little more each week.

What muscles will I work? All. Of. Them.

How long is the class? We have regular TRX classes at 45-minutes and an Express TRX that is 30-minutes. Both deliver a full-body workout.

Do I get my own straps? Yes. Each anchor on the wall has two sets of straps. Each client gets their own staps that has two handles.

Do I need to bring a mat? You are welcome to bring your own yoga or Pilates mat, but we do provide a thicker, textured TRX mat that will ensure you don’t slip. So don’t worry about bringing yours, unless you prefer.

Will I break a sweat? Most people do, but it’s up to you how hard you want to push yourself. Our instructors always teach to all levels, so if you need a break, or need to slow it down, you should listen to your body. If you challenge yourself, you’ll feel your heart beating faster and feel a little sweat :).

Are squats easier with or without the straps? Trx squats are designed to help build strength and tone the leg muscles. Depending on your fitness level you can use the straps to help build safely at a beginner level or work on your depth as you advance in your squat execution.

How often should I come to TRX? As with any class, we always suggest 3 times a week. We really encourage clients to add variety to their workout plan, so maybe jumping into a cycling class once a week, yoga once a week and TRX a few times. Whatever combination you find to best fit your needs/schedule!