Year 5 - Stages of Life

Five years. Wow. It’s crazy to think that H2L has been in my life for that long! It seems like it was just yesterday that the studio was nothing but an idea, yet here we are five years down the line and I find it hard to remember my world without this little place. 

open houseIt feels weird, almost wrong, writing this post while our doors are shut and our lives are flipped upside down. But, we’re still here.  It’s been 5 years since we started the journey and we are still here and that’s worth writing about. 

Each year I take some time to reflect, to look back at what’s changed and grown at H2L. When I mapped this blog post out a few months ago, my general theme was about community and how technology, home workouts, and apps, can’t compete with that.


I wanted to write about all of the home equipment that’s on-trend and talk about what’s lacking with that experience. I wanted to brag about our community and the support we offer in person at the studio.

But — here I am… planning our virtual workouts and encouraging my clients to get down and dirty in their living rooms with a quick sweat sesh. 

Ironic? For sure. Or, is it another example of the strong community that’s morphed over the past 5 years?! 

So, I’m going to forgo my banter about the in-home gyms and why I love walking in the studio each day because this time in our life has changed that for now. One thing this time hasn’t changed is the growth we as a studio have experienced over the past 5 years.

I’m not talking about the fact that our first week in business we had 18 classes on the schedule and only 6 instructors (as you can imagine, that number has grown dramatically). I’m not talking about the growth in numbers, sales, retail or any of that. I’m talking about the growth of each person tied to this community. 

wellness studioWhat’s changed in your life over the past 5 years? What was important to you in 2015? What’s important to you now? What changes have you experienced? What stressors have you overcome? What did you celebrate? I bet it’s a lot. As a community, we’ve grown a lot! 

Personally, in the 5-years since we’ve opened I’ve gotten engaged, got married, had a baby and now have another on the way. 

And you know what? H2L was there, every single step of the way. THAT is the community I want to write about. THAT is the community I can brag about. No matter which stage of life you are in… H2L is there for you. 

Because times change. People change. Priorities change. We’re still here for you. 

Everyone at the studio is at a different place in their life, celebrating different milestones, and we all get to share in that.  We offer an assortment of classes, so no matter where you’re at in your fitness journey you have a home here. Our instructors are diverse, so it’s not hard to find the people you connect with or who can keep you engaged and make you laugh during your 12th burpee or final sprint of cycle class. 

If you are fresh out of college, juggling the stress of the real world and new jobs we have Barre or Cycling for you to use as your outlet to unwind. If you are planning a wedding and working towards a goal weight, we have Pilates, TRX and other classes to help keep you on track. If you are pregnant, expecting your first baby and trying to navigate how to stay healthy, we have prenatal safe classes and prenatal massages to keep you comfortable. If you are working long hours late into the night, we have early morning boot camp type classes to get you up and moving before the sun rises. If you are experiencing some health issues and aren’t able to enjoy the same classes you used to, we have private Pilates sessions or reflexology and other services to give you some stress relief and movement.

Basically… What I’m saying is we have classes and services for everyone… and any stage and any age. We’re here for you whatever life is throwing your way. The people in your classes will support you during those times. Your instructors will encourage you. We are a community, whether the doors are opened or closed. I love that most about this place. I love these people and I love who I’ve become with their help and support over the past 5 years. And, the most important part… I love where we’re going. Where we are all going. No idea where that is… But I know it’s forward, and I know it’s together.

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