Motherhood + Yoga = Balance

Before having my 2 children, I did yoga because it was cool and trendy.  I could show all my friends my tricks; arm balances, standing on my head and twisting up like a pretzel.

Then our life actually got flipped on its head when our princess was born.  Typical first time mommy, I was not taking care of myself.  I was exhausted, running on fumes and trying to figure out this new sidekick that went everywhere with me.  To add to it, our daughter was born in the winter.  Which means 1. germs 2. being locked in your home for a few months and 3. bundling up your baby like a sumo wrestler and then trying to squeeze them into a carseat.

When my daughter was about 6 months old, my husband told me that I needed to get back to yoga and he found me a few places to try and basically pushed me out the door to class.  It was probably the best thing he could have ever done for me.  Those 60-90 minutes were for me and only me.  It was my time to recharge, reconnect and recommit to myself and family.

So often as a mom, we forget about ourselves.  We put everyone and everything before us.  In yoga, it is taught that you must put yourself first.  It may sound selfish but it makes sense.  If you are not at your best physically, mentally and spiritually, everything else will suffer.

So often we tell ourselves, “I’ll have time tomorrow” or “I’m just too busy”.  Then you start to get cranky, tired, your body is sore and honestly you start to feel unhappy.  Everything that you are too busy with will still be there after a yoga class.  But you will come back to that to-do list with a better attitude, appreciation or gratitude and ready to take on those tasks.

Never tried yoga?  Don’t be nervous or say you aren’t flexible.  Everyone had to start at the beginning.  Sometimes the hardest part is rolling out the mat.  Yoga is so much more than flexibility, twisting like a pretzel and standing on your head.  It’s about connecting with your breath, slowing down and enjoying stillness that we so often forget about.

Come and see me Wednesday at 6pm and enjoy some time for yourself.

See you soon,

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