You’ve probably heard of Cycling or Spinning, but have you ever really looked at all of the benefits that come along with it? It’s more than just a fun experience with music and lights. We are here to tell you more about why you should hop on a bike and take an indoor cycling class!

  • Cardiovascular benefits- cycling is just like any cardio exercise. Just like running, sprinting, and elliptical exercises, cycling improves and makes you work hard for the benefits. Many decide on cycling classes because of the low stress and pressure on your body due to the stationary bike set. 
  • Great for beginners- it is easy to get started and learn quickly. It is as easy as finding a standard bike. With stationary bikes are you can set your own intensity and decide how you want the class to go for yourself. 
  • Great for the environment- Cycling is a great alternative to riding your bike outside. If you have trouble riding a standard bike, you will love the stationary bike because there is not balancing, or learning involved. It’s safer because you don’t have to worry about cars and the weather. Also, stationary bikes can start you out so you are more confident on a standard bike and then you can use that to travel from place to place. 
  • Improves general posture- As soon as you sit on the bike, you automatically stabilize your body so you’re sitting upright. You will improve your balance, posture, and coordination and can prevent any future injuries. Your body clicks in and uses your core and back muscles to keep you where you want to be.


To gain the full benefits of a cycling class, you must commit to the process. Committing involves a regular class schedule of cycle and sticking to it. 

 H2L Studio is the perfect place to start your cycling adventure. At H2L, we offer several different types and intensity cycle courses. Some of them involve; cycling, cycle+sculpt, cycle+bootcamp, and several other classes. 

Stop by H2L or look online at our weekly schedule to find the cycle class for you and start your journey riding through life!