September is coming to an end.. but we’re ready to send it off with some great rides! Make sure you snag your bike a head of time!! Here’s what you can expect in the cycling room this week at H2L!

Instructor: Kelly Ruth
Classes: Cycle/Bootcamp-Thursday at 5:30am, Cycle/Core-Thursday at 8:30am, Cycle-Friday at 6am ,Cycle-Saturday at 8am AND 9am
As always I’m mixing some throwback tracks with some brand new ones!
C & C Music Factory/Gonna Make You Sweat-This second track of the day will make you sweat as we tabata for 4 minutes!
Lil John/DJ Snake/Turn Down For What-This track (which is right after the arm track) will get those heart rates back up as we try to reach that 1.5 miles in 3 minutes
The Notorious B.I.G./Hypnotize-If you’ve taken my class before you know Biggie is my favorite rapper of all time. We’re going to do a climbing tabata to this track!
Cedric Gervais/Somebody New-Alternating between standing climbs and seated sprints we’ll get to zone 4 with this recently released track!
Instructor: Sarah Arnold
Class time: Sunday 10/1 | Sign up here
Spoilers: Ladder Climbs
Name of song:  “More than you Know” – Axwell /\ Ingrosso – starting that first ladder climb (sprints with various weights)
“Kiss Kiss” – Chris Brown – off the ladder and into some tempo lead pace with weight, of course…

Instructor: Courtney Farinelli
Class Times: Tuesday 7pm, Wednesday 6pm Cycle + Sculpt, We <3 the 90’s Theme Ride: Friday at 5pm | Sign up Here
Let me Love You by Ne-Yo: Can you feel the energy? You will! Planning some fun Energy Ladders for this one!
Runaway Train by Soul Asylum: Anything 90’s makes for a great drill. Rolling Hills make it even better!

Instructor: Kasey Anderson

Class Times: Monday 8:30am cycle + sculpt and 7:15pm cycle + boot camp
Spoilers: Centuries-Fall Out Boy – Get ready for an intense ride of hill intervals at max power. Quads will be burning going from Zone 3 to Zone 5.
On the Floor – Jennifer Lopez – Its all about getting your heart rate up with tabatas!
Class Times: Tuesday 9:30am cycle + Bootcamp and 5pm cycle
Spoilers: Come With Me Now – Kogos – Maintain RPM with this hill resistance climb that will have you switching between cardio burn and quad strength
Hey Mama (Remix) – Workout Factory Remix – Sprint, Sprint, Sprint giving it all you have in the final 4-minute sprint ladder
Class Times: Wednesday 2pm cycle + core
Spoilers: Stand By You – Rachael Platten – Dedication song time to focus (pick your resistance while still pushing your power number to the max)
Play Hard – David Guetta- Get ready to work in and out of the saddle through various drill sets keeping muscles engaged
Class Times: Thursday 6pm cycle
Spoilers: Renegade – Styx- Rocking it out in the saddle at Zone 4 or 5 at max resistance before rolling into a standing run to get you back down to Zone 3 (on a flat).
Black Betty -Ram Jam- Alternating between periods of full-on sprinting and active recovery this track will be sure to get your heart rate pumping!!