The week before Thanksgiving always gets people excited about working out.. mostly because it’s cold outside and warm in the cycle room! We think it’s about fitting in your workouts to make sure you are taking your health seriously before the busy Holiday Season. Also … it helps keep you sane during the stressful times! Whatever your reason, we hope to see you this week in the studio! Here’s what the cycling instructors have in mind for this week’s classes!

Instructor Name: Adam Castner

Class Time: 6AM Monday

Spoilers: A ton of different tracks during this Monday morning ride! From Rock to funk to hip-hop and even some electronic music. One classic song, Jungle Boogie, will be a distance challenge, the second of the class, has you pushing for 3 minutes as hard as you can to pass your previous distance.

Song Name: Jungle Boogie – Kool and the Gang

Instructor Name: Adam Castner

Class Time: 8AM Saturday November 18th

Spoilers: This ride has a nice flow with the musical changes that accompany the routine.  Near the end of the ride, we will have a ladder sprint with 20 seconds, 30 seconds and 40 seconds throughout the whole song with equal parts of recovery.  You’ll be encouraged to push yourself to the limit during this short song as there is only one more working song after this.

Song Name: Paranoid – Black Sabbath

Instructor Name:  Cami Bangs
Class Time: *EVENT CLASS* Friday 5:30PM
Spoilers:  We are rocking out our special event Give Back Ride by candlelight!!  It’s our opportunity to say “Thank You” to our clients with this free ride with food donation to support our local community.  Bring your donation and energy to ride!!

Class Time: Tuesday 5:00 PM
Hills and Drills Series!!
Big Gigantic “Get On Up” – right out of the gate we start with our first drill – this sets the tone for the rest of the ride!
Fleetwood Mac “Tusk” – a quick moving hill keeping our RPM’s high before we shift into our next drill
 I See MONSTAS “Evolution” – wrapping up our ride with a sprint drill to take us to the finish line!!
Instructor Name: Courtney Farinelli

Class Time: Tuesday 7pm Cycling, Wednesday 6pm Cycle & Sculpt

Spoilers: Praying by Kesha – What do Hills and Ladders have in common? This track.
Wolves by Selena Gomez – We’ll work on some short bursts of energy here to get the heart racing!

Instructor: Kasey Anderson

Class time & Spoiler:
Monday cycle 6pm & Cycle + boot 7:15
Till I collapse – Eminiem – Time to push max and strength combining weight work and thigh
We Got The Beat – It’s all about maintaining speed while increasing resistance
Thursday 6pm cycle
La Bouche- Be My Lover- Taking it back to the 90s focusing on three part challenge between speed and hills your thighs are sure to be burning
Worth it – Fifth harmony- This song will make four minutes of hill climb worth it
Saturday 7am cycle + core & 10am cycle + bootcamp
Crazy little thing called love – Queen
Enjoy the flat road with periods of surges starting at 15, then 20, than 30
Oh L’Amour – Sinatic
Period of speed with short period of recovery your heart will be racing throughout the whole song