October is coming to an end! Finish the month out strong and GO THE DISTANCE! Winners will be announced on November 1st. Check out what the instructors are planning for you in the cycling studio this week!

Instructor: Kasey Anderson

Class Times & Spoilers: Monday 8:30AM cycle + sculpt
Toxic – Britney Spears- Time to increase speed, release resistance and push RPM to the max
Fighter – Christina Aguilera- Dig, dig, dig time to climb!
Tuesday 5PM cycle
Pitbull – Give Me Everything – Rock out to the beat in and out of saddle pushing average max power
The Devil Went Down To Georgia – Charlie Daniels Band – In the spirit of Halloween lets race to the finish line in Zone 4
Thursday 6PM Cycle
Lucky Strike – Maroon 5- Staying between Zone 3-4 watch out there might be some surprise hills requiring extra resistance
Happy – Speedogang- This tune will be sure to get your heart racing
Saturday 7AM Cycle + Core & 8AM Cycle
Ride It My Pony – Xquisite – Get ready for arm work plus heavy resistance up a double hill
Mambo No. 5 – Lou Bega – Time to test your endurance in and out of the saddle
Sunday 10AM Cycle
Lean On – Major Lazer – Building resistance throughout the whole song going from moderate to heavy and back down to moderate
Break Through The Silence – Martin Garrix – Its all about speed beginning with fifteen second surges and building to forty five second surges
Instructor: Lindsey Wirth
Class Time: Wednesday 5pm
Spoilers: Last of the Real Ones – Fall Out Boy: We’ll have some in and out of the saddle climbs! The heavy beat of the song will drive our climb!
Believer – CeeLo Green: You’ll hit zone 4 in no time during this track as we take on a tabata! 25 seconds of work and 15 seconds of recovery!
Instructor Name: Caitlin Taylor
Class Times: Monday 6pm Cycle, 7:15 pm Cycle + Bootcamp
-“Dreams” by Beck will help you push your pace as you drive those feet in a timed trial!
-“Nights With You” by Mo will serve as our beat during a 3 minute long standing climb!

Instructor Name: Allison Govern
Class Time: Cycle + Bootcamp Saturday @ 10AM
Spoiler: Heat – Kelly Clarkson: Warm up your muscles with this combo track of seated and out-of-saddle pickups!
Uptown Funk (Will Sparks Remix): Test your endurance with this 4-minute time trial!
Give It Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers: Pick up speed as we gradually reduce gear and come down the other side of a long climb!

Instructor Name: Courtney Farinelli
Class Times: Monday 5pm Cycle, Tuesday 7pm Cycle, Wednesday 6pm Cycle & Sculpt, Saturday 9am Cycle
Yellow by Coldplay – We’ll climb song hills to the steady beat of this Coldplay song
Wake Me Up by Avicii – Sprints, sprints, sprints!
One More Time by Daft Punk – Energy ladder will start with this track and continue into.. a few more 😉

Instructor Name: Adam Castner
Class Times: Monday, November 6th at 6am
Spoilers:  This week’s spoiler song is an old Santana song that we will use to push us through a set of sprints at 30 seconds a piece four times.  This fun song will have you through 2 total minutes of sprints before you know it!

Song Name – Artist: Jingo – Santana