General Studio Questions:
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Is there a monthly membership fee?
Nope, right now we only offer class packs of 1, 5 or 10. The more classes you buy, the more discount they become. This is great for those with busy lives, use the classes whenever you can fit it into your schedule. Packs expire 3 or 6 months after purchases for 5 and 10 packs. We did add a Monthly Unlimited option, find out more about that below!

Monthly Unlimited, what is that?
For the H2Lers who can’t get enough, this membership option is for you. Unlimited classes for one month include any barre, yoga, barefoot, cycling, or cycling combo class. It is a contract, so you’ll be charged each month the $129 on the date you first purchased. If you want to cancel your membership, you must alert H2L by email ( at least one week prior to your charge date.

How do I purchase the Monthly Unlimited? 
Click on the link above that says “Schedule” which will bring you to our Mind Body Software.

Click on “Buy Classes” you’ll choose to change the tab to “Contracts” rather than “Series and Memberships” fourth option from the right (next to Shopping Cart).

Check out, and enjoy!

What should I bring to class?
Each class requires comfortable clothes. Yoga classes you have the option of bringing your own mat, but we do have studio mats you’re welcome to us. You also have the option of going barefoot or wearing socks.

Studio socks are for sale if you would like.

A water bottle is always a good idea, too.

After I buy a pack of classes, how fast do I have to use them?
The 5 packs expire after 3 months and the 10 packs after 6. If you have questions about specific dates, please contact us!

I’ve never taken a group class, is that okay?
Of course!! We love new people and want to make sure you are comfortable. Everyone had a first class at some point, we’re excited you choose us!

Do I have to pre-register?
We really, really encourage signing up in advance. This can be done online on the Mindbody website, by phone (if we don’t answer you can reserve a spot by voice mail) or email. ( This ensures you have a spot in the class and the instructor can base their class plans on the size.

What if I need to cancel?
Oh no! We hate to see you miss a class but we understand things come up! We ask for as much notice as possible, preferably 12-hours. Call, email or withdraw yourself from class as soon as you can to open the spot for someone else.

Do I need to wear shoes?
Nope, unless you have specific instructions from your doctor. All of our classes are done in socks, or bare feet. This is the case for Barre, Yoga and Pilates. Barefoot classes should be taken with, you guessed it, bare feet.

Yoga Questions

I have only every tried yoga at home with videos, am I ready to come into a class?
Yes! The instructor will offer modifications that will make you comfortable in class. They will explain each position and how to get into it so you’re always on the same page.

The beauty of home yoga videos is you have some yoga experience but now you have an instructor will insure your form is safe and effective.

If you are still hesitant to jump into a class, consider checking out our Beginner Yoga Series. We have these often and they are a great way to learn more about yoga with others who are on the same page. Email to find out when the next session starts.

I’m not flexible enough to do yoga.
Okay, this isn’t a question, but we hear it all the time and it couldn’t be further from the truth. The pictures you see online of people doing yoga are fantastic, but not realistic for first timers. Your flexibility will come over time as you practice yoga. Each class you may be able to get a little further than you could before. Practice, practice, practice.

Barre Questions

Do I need ballet shoes?
No, you can wear socks or go barefoot. We do have studio socks for sale, that offer a little extra grip that are a good idea to purchase… but any socks will do!

I’ve never been to Barre, can I handle it?
Yes! We offer modifications as much as we can for beginners or advanced clients. Talk to your instructor before class to discuss any concerns. The beauty of barre is you can do as much as you can handle with the options offered along the way.

Pilates Reformer Questions
I have low back problems, will this help?
Yes. The reformer can help you! It works with the forces of gravity instead of against them.

The class always begins with the student on their back, which means the body, especially the low back, is supported immediately, allowing the student a safe place to work within their own comfort level and range of motion. A sensation you can’t get in a lot of other workouts.

I’m very out of shape, is that okay?
Yes, you have to start somewhere and we are here to help. We offer an Introduction package for the Pilates Reformer classes that is a really good option for first time students. In three sessions, we can help you become comfortable on the machine so you can take the Group Reformer Classes and work on your health and fitness goals.

How do I schedule a private session?
Private classes can be scheduled by going to our website, clicking “Schedule” to bring you to the Mindbody Software.

Click on the tab that says “Private Appointments”
Select the option for “Private Equipment Apt”
Choose the appointment type you want (Single, Duo or Trio Private Appointment)
It will ask you to choose an instructor, (or say all instructors) you can choose anyone listed to see their availability.
Select the time you want


If there isn’t a time that works for you, please call or email us! The instructors are flexible!!

Reflexology Questions
How do I schedule a Reflexology Appointment?
We are so excited to offer Reflexology to our clients. Appointments will available once a month, so it’s important to sign up early. To schedule yours, go to our Scheduling Page.
Select Reflexology
Choose your desired length (30 minutes for $35 or 50 minutes for $55) and click search.
Select the day and time that works for you. If you have issues, please email

 Cycling Questions
Do I  use a different package for Cycling and Yoga?
Yes, we have created a custom package for cycling. The important thing about cycling is you sign up in advance because of the limited number of bikes, they can fill quickly! Here are the cycling prices. The packages work the same, single class, 5 pack or 10 so you are never paying a monthly membership fee.