Pilates Testimonials


I take Yoga , Private Pilates, Reiki, group Pilates , I cycle. This morning I tried Cardio Pilates. This studio is AWESOME. There is no judging, no stress, no pressure, no intimidation.

I personally feel, look 100% better than I did the day I walked in. If you are looking to try something new where the atmosphere is pleasant , wonderful, inspiring then this is the studio.

Every instructor knows your name. I am not sure if the instructors at this studio know how much I appreciate what they have done for me and the impact they make on people’s lives. For this I am grateful.  It truly is a wonderful studio. You will not be disappointed- Cathy F.

“What’s the best thing about doing Pilates? Everything!  At H2L Studio you can expect a variety of classes, a variety of instructors with their own personal touch and a variety of smiling faces that great you when you get there and a workout that you look forward to having again when you return.” – Martha W.


The Pilates reformer class has strengthened both my back and core.  I love how this class builds muscle, increases flexibility and builds stamina. This is my favorite way to get fit for life. – Madhavi R.


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Pilates FAQ

We know you have questions, so we made a list of answers! We know a new fitness class, can be nerve wracking but we are here to help.

Pilates Instructors

Get to know the people behind the springs. Learn what you can expect from your Pilates class with them and a little about their history!

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Pilates Testimonials

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