10 Reasons to get to Barefoot NOW:

1. Value your time – everyone’s time is precious, and in this life, you have a million things to do. In this one workout, you will hit all three aspects of fitness: cardio, strength and flexibility. 50 minutes, in and out.

2. Move with ease – through movements that incorporate the tiniest parts of your feet to the largest muscles in your body, the functionality of a Barefoot class is key to keep you moving in and out of the studio.

3. Find your balance – executing real-life movements in your bare feet will build steadiness from your toes to the top of your head. Incorporating exercises that utilize the core will also improve your balance.

4. Mind/body connections – · Increase your proprioception · Link your movements to your breath · Sense body awareness · Bring emotions into balance

5. Feel good on the inside – you will smile, breath with ease, as the endorphins start flowing. Not forgetting about the meditation at the end of class… Barefoot makes you feel GOOD.

6. Strengthen your heart – exercising lowers your blood pressure, reduces LDL “bad” cholesterol, and boosts your HDL “good” cholesterol. People that don’t exercise are at a higher risk of developing heart disease than those that do. Moving = strong ticker.

7. … And your body – squat, lunge, plank, lateral raise, and your body will feel the class during and after. You may start to see/feel physical changes to your body because of Barefoot. One of the many ‘side effects’ of a good workout.

8. … And your mind – proprioception is your sixth sense; the awareness of your body in space; your body connecting to your mind. Going barefoot helps you feel more, connect more, sense more.

9. All fitness levels welcome – I’ll be the first to tell you, you may want to give up (until we get to#10.) But the class is designed for anyone – first timers to experienced athletes. You will find your place, your groove, and listen to your body. We will help you know your limits, and soon, you will surpass them.

10. There’s a foot massage! – with essential oils! And the sound of ocean waves! And then you cover up with a blanket! Ahhhhhh….

Be peaceful in your heart, be peaceful in your words, be peaceful in your thoughts.

Barefoot is held every Monday at 6pm and Thursday at 8:30am. Sign up online early, because classes fill!


We also have Barefoot HIT Fridays at 6am with Adrienne