Not exercising enough
We know some days it’s hard to find time for a workout, sometimes the motivation is not there. These feeling are amplified when you are feeling tired… It’s a vicious circle! Try breaking the cycle slowly. Exercise improves your circulation which gives your body more oxygen. This will improve your energy levels and improve your sleep at night.

Not taking time to relax
When you are feeling stressed, your body responds by using energy to maintain the “fight or flight” response. The more stressed you are, the more tired you may feel. We can all relate to this feeling! Do things that help ease your mind, a little mental clarity can go a long way.  Taking a walk, yoga, meditation, a bath are all great ways to slow your mind down. Reiki is another great way to reduce stress and increase your energy levels because it gives your body a chance to self-heal and balance your emotions.

These things will also help you sleep better or longer, giving you more energy the next day.

What you are eating
If you find that you are eating a lot of carbs, you may feel sluggish at times. Processed foods and food or drinks high in sugar may also be a culprit. These things burn through your body quickly, giving you a fast energy boost.. And then a crash. Try sticking with whole-grains, nuts, legumes, oats and brown rice. Those things give your body a steady supply of energy that can last all day. Try increasing your water intake as well!