mechanicsburg babyBarre classes are geared to mostly everyone because of its’ endless opportunities of modifications, even while pregnant. You can make the workout as challenging as you wish. Of course, before attending a new class be sure to talk with your doctor to get cleared for exercise.

Working out when pregnant brings a multitude of benefits for you and your baby. Here’s some of the most common questions we get about taking barre while you are expecting.

I have been having some back pain, will Barre make it worse?
Barre can actually help this common issue because this workout is mainly glute and leg focused. This increases the connectivity between your lower back and glutes and decreases any possible pain you may feel. The best part is you’ll get these benefits without putting stress on your joints since it’s a low impact workout.  

You talk about modifications, but what should I do in a barre class if I’m pregnant?
It is recommended not to do any type of twisting motion while pregnant so if the instructor performs this move, ask for an alternative or take out that move completely. Also if there is a move that you may need more back support on, grab a small ball to put behind you. After you are in your 2nd trimester, it’s not recommended that you lay flat on your back, so we always encourage woman who are expecting to use the wedge we keep in the studio to prop them up. A pillow, bolster or ball gets the job done as well. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. 

Heart Rate?
Though depending on the type of barre you can taking your heart rate might not heighten a ton, it would be a good idea to still wear a heart rate monitor, Apple Watch or FitBit of some type to make sure that your baby is staying safe. Additionally, it is advised to keep your head above your heart, so modifications during floor and core work would be necessary. Keeping with this idea it is important to stay breathing, your instructor will remind the class time and time again to breathe as well. Again, if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. 

Thigh and leg work and majorly be done as normal and with no modifications. On the other hand, ab work would need to be modified to fit your needs and how far along you are.

It’s important to keep your body moving and give your mind the mental break during pregnancy! We love working with you during this time! Always reach out with questions!