barre class for athletesAthletes train specific when it comes to their specialty, which is why it is so necessary to cross train. Barre targets all muscles, core, flexibility, and posture. These aspects are important for being a well-rounded competitor. Being a great tennis player not only means you have a strong and well-crafted swing and serve but, also have better agility, reflexes, and speed than your competition. This is where cross training and the inclusion of Barre in your typical workout comes into play. Sydney Alderman, a PITT javelin thrower and frequent H2L client states that “Barre is one of my favorite workouts because it helps my training in many ways and hits muscles I don’t use on a typical basis.”

Barre can help shape the athlete into being a versatile athlete on and off the court, track or field. With the small isolation moves using weights and bands, the player can target tiny muscles that are not used in their daily workouts. With the increased strength in these muscles, the player will become stronger and faster.

Core is an important aspect of everyone’s daily life, even more so with athletes. The core holds you up and is the powerhouse of most movements. Strengthening the core will provide the athlete with an all-around stronger position when playing.

Though the player can run fast, throw faster and swing harder. With a lack of flexibility the opportunity of an injury increases. Athletes love the game they play this would result in a huge disappointment if they had to sit out to rest. The increase of flexibility comes with an increase of agility and a decreased chance of sore, strained or pulled muscles. 

Having confidence while playing grows the player’s opportunity to succeed. Carrying themselves with a strong posture shows the competition that they know what they are doing. This puts just a little fear in the opposing team.