Beginner Pilates Reformer

Have you always wanted to try Pilates, or are you curious about the machines you’ve seen in the studio?  Now’s your chance!

Pilates is a system of controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the body.  Our Intro To Pilates will focus on building core strength and improving flexibility while introducing you to the basic principles of Pilates.

The 5-week session incorporates exercise on the reformer, along with the use of small props to enhance your workout.

By joining others new to pilates on the reformer, we can move at a comfortable pace that allows you to explore this new method of exercise while keeping you challenged.

This series is on sale for $95 for the 5 classes. Classes will be Thursday, May 5th 7am. Meeting every Thursday until June 2nd. Spaces are limited so reserve yours now! Click this link and click “Sign Up Now” .