Here at H2L one of our most popular classes is Barre. With all the different types offered, beginner, Barre, Cardio, and Power. It is important to know what you are getting yourself in to prior to taking the class. While we always recommend trying the Beginner Class first, we have had plenty of clients jump into a regular, Cardio or Power Barre class and been just fine. Just always let your instructor know that you are a newbie, and they can talk you through ways to modify the exercises.

Barre studioAlright, what actually is Barre?!
Barre is a combination of ballet, pilates, some yoga, and general group fitness. There are different methods and styles, so never assume two studios or two instructors teach exactly the same! Variety keeps it fun.

Barre is Low Impact
Barre is a low impact class that offers lots of options and modifications, because of this, almost anybody can take this class. AND ENJOY IT. It’s fun. The music, the pace, the people.

Why is the low impact component important?! If you have a hard time with your joints, knees, and hips, Barre will be the perfect workout for you. It’s easy on those joints.

(But if you want the cardio with heart rate increase option, Cardio Barre does this by adding more repetitions and a fast tempo.)

Barre Builds Lean Muscle
The main idea of this type of class is that it builds lean muscle by targeting smaller muscle groups. With the increase of lean muscle growth comes the increase of your metabolic state, or metabolism.

We will get you warmed up and then cooled down with some dynamic stretching. This allows your muscles to become stronger and your flexibility to grow with each class… all things that help build that long, lean muscle.

mechanicsburg barreBarre Works your Core and your Improves Posture
The core is the center of your body, it holds you upright. In Barre, the core is “turned on” the whole time, meaning, though you may not feel intensely, your core is being worked. Everybody, no matter your fitness level, can benefit from strengthening your core!

Another benefit is that you may carry yourself with higher confidence. Not just because you feel better from a workout (but, that too), but because Barre actually improves your posture and stance.

The best to see if Barre is the right fit for you is to try it! Look for one of our Beginner Barre Classes, or jump into any Barre Class and give it a go!