Barre Testimonials

Cant say enough about H2L! I started with the Barre classes, and absolutely LOVE them! Courtney makes the classes fun and enjoyable. I’m getting a great workout and having fun at the same time. Because the studio is so welcoming and friendly, I have expanded into taking yoga classes, and plan to try barefoot and reformer pilates, as well as trying out the cycling classes, which I hear are awesome fun! If you’re looking for a fun and friendly place to workout and accomplish your fitness goals, I highly recommend H2L!! – Sue T.
I love the new barre class taught by Kelly.  It’s the perfect addition to my workout routine of cycling and strength training.  I look forward to her always challenging (and changing) class.  Thanks Kelly!   – Pam S.

“Joining H2L has been the best decision I’ve made for myself (for my health, body, stress) in a long time! I’ve always struggled getting to the gym and working out on my own, so classes have always been the best thing for me. But, I never was fully satisfied with the results of other classes. I LOVE getting my workout in early at the Tuesday & Thursday 6am Barre class with Courtney. For me, Barre works the exact spots that I want to tone and tighten and it’s not like using machines and bulking up (which I did NOT want to do) I saw results in 3-4 weeks in my legs, butt, abs & arms from going just 2 times a week. Courtney has great enthusiasm, conversation, music, and drive that makes the class fulfilling and FUN! The idea of working arms with legs separately (but at the same time) helps you forget sometimes how much you’re really working out!! ” – Melissa R.
“I love H2L studio! The atmosphere is welcoming and inclusive…a wonderful community! The variety of classes offered allows for the perfect amount of cross training. They are always adding new fun events too. My children enjoy the kids yoga classes. The instructors are motivating and encouraging. Megan’s Cardio Barre is one of my favorites. She entertains her classes with her wit and humor so you almost forget how hard you’re working!” – Christina

This past November I was introduced to Barre and Courtney by two friends.  Barre is relaxing, enjoyable, and most importantly a great workout.  Right away I felt comfortable at the studio and with Courtney.  Courtney not only has a great personality but she is a fantastic instructor, pushes you to perform better, and a professional at what she does.  So glad I was introduced to Barre and H2L!!- Kara R.

“I have been taking Courtney’s Barre class for about 4 months, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to mix up their fitness routine. Courtney uses different exercises each week to work your arms, legs, core, and glutes. It is truly a full body workout. She also demonstrates both beginner and advanced moves so everyone can work at their level. Even though the workout is challenging, I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.” – Julie S.

“Megan is a fantastic cardio barre instructor! There are not many people I would get up at 6 a.m. to take a class with, but Megan makes it fun, chooses great music, and encourages everyone. I am excited to try her barre for runners class next, have heard great things from friends about it.” – Tori F.

 “Absolutely love Barre at H2L studio because it’s a great way to add a total body workout to my busy weekly schedule. I really enjoy how simple the exercises are but by adding a few variations like raising your heels, you can feel the burn right away! So glad we have a studio like this in the Harrisburg area!” – Ashley W.


“I love the Cardio Barre class.  I can’t believe how much I sweat – love it!  Who would think such “simple” movements could burn so much.  :)” – Carla B.


“I attended a barre class at H2L at the suggestion of a friend and have been hooked ever since! Courtney is a breath of fresh air and is able to challenge everyone from a beginner to the advanced. I recently added cycling into the mix and I cannot take a class anywhere else! Each instructor is motivating and I have never pushed myself harder! It is my favorite cardio workout! I love my workouts at H2L!” – Tara W.


“I’m in love with barre class. I’ve gotten all my girlfriends hooked too! Both Courtney and Kelly are amazing! I enjoy being challenged while having fun! I would like to try a cycling and Pilates class here soon. I’ve purchased a five pack to hold myself accountable. I love that when you purchased the packs of classes you have several months to use them – super convenient.” – Marissa H.


I’m hooked. I’ve recently decided to focus more on my health and fitness journey and I’m more than glad I chose h2l studio. Courtney is so awesome and I plan on adding barre class to my weekly routine. – Jenna S.


“Barre class with Courtney is another “must take” class! Her energy is contagious!  She makes class fun and manages to keep you laughing while kicking your butt!  All of those little muscles that you forgot you had will be screaming by the end of class!  Such a great workout!” – Christina S.

“I’ve been taking Courtney’s cardio barre for 6 months and definitely notice a benefit in my running. I had some issues before because I wasn’t activating my glutes, but now I can engage all the muscles properly. I always leave feeing “good sore”. I also love Nina’s power yoga classes! I have been taking classes from her for years and she is my favorite yoga instructor.” – Megan L.

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