Barre FAQ

Do I need ballet shoes?
No, you can wear socks or go barefoot. We do have studio socks for sale, that offer a little extra grip that are a good idea to purchase… but any socks will do!

I’ve never been to Barre, can I handle it?
Yes! We offer modifications as much as we can for beginners or advanced clients. Talk to your instructor before class to discuss any concerns. The beauty of barre is you can do as much as you can handle with the options offered along the way.

How much does it cost?
Barre falls under the Group Class Packages. This means your first class is just $5. After that, you can get a single class for $15, a 5 pack of classes for $55 and a 10 pack for $100. The more you buy, the lower the price. Students you are invited to enjoy class for just $10 each time.

We also have a monthly unlimited option for classes.. really? Yes! $129 monthly fee for 30 classes in 30 days. Auto-renewing and ready to totally kick start your fitness journey.

Why do my legs shake every class? Is that normal?
100%, yes. It would be weirder if your legs didn’t shake! We are working to fatigue the muscle… we want to work it to exhaustion with those small movements to help build long muscles.  That little quivering is normal and actually encouraged, remember to always takes breaks when you have to and really focus on your breathing to help you!

Can we have Private Events in the Barre room?
You got it! We love hosting parties at the barre! Everything from employee nights, girls nights out, church groups, bachelorette parties and bridesmaids bonding time. Hanging at the Barre is the newest, coolest activity in the Harrisburg area.. we’re pretty sure :).

Email to work out the details.

Still unsure? Check out some of our blogs posts about Barre Classes. 

Barre FAQ

We know you have questions, so we made a list of answers! We know a new fitness class, can be nerve wracking but we are here to help.

Barre Instructors

Get to know the people behind the pulses and holds. Learn what you can expect from your barre class with them and a little about their history!