How to Detox after Halloween / Sugar Rush

There’s something about Halloween that is so FUN. It could be the idea of dressing up and becoming someone else for a night, it could be watching the kids around you on what is their “best night ever”. For most of us, let’s get real, it’s about the CANDY. We are all about celebrating the holidays, grabbing the snickers and some apple cider while you wait for trick-or-treaters. But, like everything in life… it’s all about moderation.

So the past week may have felt hectic and delicious all wrapped up in one. We are here to help you get back on track after your candy binge during Hocus Pocus. Get back to your routine after a few nights off from working out because of the Halloween festivities.

Lose the Sweets
First thing is first. We have to get the culprits out of sight, out of mind. Get rid of the lingering candy that didn’t make it into a pillow case or jack-o-lantern. Get rid of the temptation.

Grab a Water Instead
Water? After the week you’ve had, you’re probably headed right to the coffee. We hear ya, but, hydrating yourself is the second step in this detox process. Dehydration leaves you feeling tired, unalert and maybe a little cranky. Water also helps your body get rid of waste.

Get Some Rest
Sugar highs are a real thing.. which may lead to a very real crash. A good night sleep will put you back in the driver seat. Try (as much as you can) to head to bed a little earlier, or sleep a little later to give your body time to recover.

Eat Healthy Food and Protein
Try to stay away from highly processed foods for a few days (or, all days). Vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds are a perfect snack to grab instead of the candy calling your name in the breakroom. Stay away from things high in sugar. Grabbing some healthy protein will help regulate blood sugar and slow the absorption of carbohydrates.

Sweat it Out
The last step in this post-Halloween Detox is to get up and get moving. This is our favorite step ;). The more you sweat, the more toxins you will remove from your body. So try going for a run or a cycling class. Something that makes you SWEAT. Throw a yoga class in there, where some of the poses can be pretty detoxifying for your body as well.

detoxRewind and Relax
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