eating healthy We always preach fitness, so today we’re jumping in on some healthy eating! We know its hard to watch what you eat so hopefully when we spell it out for you it’s a little easier to stomach! (See what we did there?!)

Alright, Let’s talk dietary guidelines.

Over the years The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has changed the dietary guidelines multiple times but currently, they are recommending…  

Fruits and Vegetables: half of your plate should be made up of fruits and vegetables; whether that is fresh, frozen or canned. Varying the color and cooking methods will bring different nutrients to each meal.

Grains: A little over a quarter of your plate should be filled with grains but make at least half of them whole grains. Substitute white rice for brown rice or white bread for whole wheat. They also recommend limiting grains for desserts such as cakes and pastries.

Protein: Just under a quarter of your plate should be from proteins but change them up from day to day. Include meats, seafood, bean, poultry, eggs and seeds in your rotation of protein foods.

health helpDairy: Consume fat-free or low-fat dairy products such as yogurt, milk or a milk alternative such as soy or almond milk. Try to limit high-fat dairies such as yogurt, sour cream, and cheese.

The Academy recommends limiting sodium, saturated fats, and added sugars.

Although eating right is a huge part of healthy living it goes hand and hand with physical activity. Adults are advised to exercise for at least 150 minutes or more of moderate intensity each week. (We had to slide that in, yanno?!)

By surrounding yourself with like-minded people, we hope you can keep on track with healthy eating habits and a good workout routine!