Ever find yourself in the kitchen looking for food after you just ate? Are you just eating because you are bored or are you truly hungry, and if so why is that? It’s happened to all of us at one point or another!  

Next time it happens to you… ask yourself these questions to get to the bottom of your never-ending hunger.

Are you eating enough protein?
Protein will make you feel full faster than carbohydrates and it contains fewer calories than fat! Foods such as eggs, quinoa, meat, fish, beans and yogurt are all high in protein.

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Are you getting enough sleep?
Lack of sleep raises your appetite-stimulating hormone which will leave you feeling hungry. We love an early morning workout, but sleep is important! If you are getting to bed too late, maybe this week you opt for an evening yoga class instead of a 5am Cycle Express. Help you wind down at night so you can sleep longer and better!

Are you eating to many refined carbs?
Refined carbs are foods such as white bread, pasta, white rice, cereals, and sugar products. All these products lack fiber, a nutrient that will help you feel full longer. Try replacing refined carbs with whole grains, vegetables, fruits or legumes to fill you up. Sometimes swapping that white rice how for brown right or quinoa makes a world of difference!

Are you consuming enough fat?
Leaving fat out of your diet can cause a craving for carbs, fats can reduce your appetite and leave you more satisfied.


Are you mistaking that hunger for thirst?
You might just be mistaking your hunger for thirst. Drinking water will fill you up and prevent you from eating unnecessary calories. We are taking more than just the water bottle you bring to your Tabatas class.. Did you know you are supposed to get eight 8oz glasses of water a day?

Are participating in high-intensity exercising?
Most of the time hunger is an indication that your body needs more calories. People who train hard have higher metabolisms which allow them to burn food faster leaving them hungry.  Makes sense right? You are burning for calories from your Cycling class so you are probably hungrier! This isn’t a bad thing, as long as you’re picking healthy foods to fill you up!

Do you drink your calories?
Liquid foods will not fill you up like solid foods will be careful replacing all your meals with smoothies or shakes. And, if you choose to swap out breakfast for a smoothie, we always recommend using real, whole foods. Fruits, veggies, yogurt are great things to put in the blender!

These are just a few questions to ask if you find yourself hungry after you just ate. There are many other reasons that can leave you feeling hungry such as stress, certain medications, a medical condition or drinking too much alcohol. Taking the time to ask these questions before reaching for a snack after dinner may help you make more educated snacking choices.