We hope you are all hanging in there and able to get out and enjoy the weather today (finally!). We’ve been blown away by your dedication to your workouts during this time! We LOVE getting to connect with you on Facebook and see you on Zoom!
We are doing our best to navigate the uncharted waters we are in and are coming to you with an update for June!
As requested by many of you, we’re offering up a more dedicated schedule for the month of June. Starting June 1st, we’re going to be launching our Unlimited Online Class Membership along with a schedule of classes to fit your schedule. 
How it works:
1. The membership will cost $40 and run from June 1st to June 30th. This will allow you to join any and all of the classes we are offering (we guarantee 20 classes a week, sometimes more!). 

2. You can sign up by clicking below anytime from now until June 1st and your membership will automatically start on June 1st.


3. If you sign up for the Online Unlimited Membership AFTER the June 1st start date, it will still be $40 and will still run until June 30th. 

****UPDATE. We are not using Mind Body Anymore for Streaming! Sign up for classes there but then we’ll email you a Zoom Link in your confirmation email!!

4. Once you are an Online Unlimited Member you can sign up for classes using Mind Body. We will be using Mind Body’s Online Streaming Services. Mind Body will automatically email you with a link to the class you are signed up for. It works a lot like Zoom, you can mute yourself, the teacher can mute you, etc. And… we can still see your smiling face (you can turn that off as well!). 
5. This will NOT be an auto-renewing Membership. It will end on June 30th. We don’t know what the future holds (if any of you do, please enlighten us!) so we will keep you posted if we’re rolling with the same plan in July and August.  
6. You do not have to be local to join the Online Unlimited Membership! Our friends who have moved, or live far away.. please join us! We’d love to see you in the virtual world. 
7. We have been working on creating an online On Demand class video library, Online Members will have access to those videos as well. This way, you can have different workouts for the days/times you aren’t able to jump into a virtual class.

8. Try to sign up at least 30-minutes before each class. The software will email you the link to your “class room” but only 30-minutes before it starts! We’ll try to catch it if you are a last minute add-in and send you the link ourselves, but no promises!


free online classes

As you can see… we will still be offering some free classes each week, to connect with those who aren’t online members, too. If you are an Online Unlimited Member, you can join the free classes as well, no worries there. 
We have some extra classes, both free and not, that we’ll be adding in as well… but these 20 classes are what you can count on each week to create your routine. Any extras we add we’ll promote on social media so you are in the know about what we’re adding. We’ll even take requests!
We’re hoping we can talk about opening our doors soon, but we are waiting until the government tells us its safe!  We’re also working on some outdoor classes, again, when it’s safe, as a way to social distance and still get our sweat on! There will be some awesome June Giveaways for members and discounts on retail. Stay tuned. 
Lastly… We are here for you. Always. If there is anything else you need, or just want a friend.. message us! We can’t wait to be back with you IRL! 
Stay Healthy,