best studioHi All! Courtney here.. Each year as we approach another Birthday, I like to take some time and write something for the H2L Blog. This year, I thought I’d dive a little deeper into what makes H2L so special.

A few months back, I was listening to a Podcast about being a successful business. The entire time they talked about “finding your niche” and “everyone needs a niche, or else you won’t be successful!” They claimed. I mean, if the Podcast said so… I guess it’s time we did just that.


You can’t be a jack of all trades, master of none, right? You can’t be the best at everything.


So, after 4 wonderful years at H2L… I’m declaring our niche!


Ugh. This hard. That’s like saying.. pick your favorite child!


But – I think it’s for the best. What’s our specialty?

Are you ready?


We don’t have one.

Don’t tell the Podcast people, but… screw ‘em.

You can’t be a jack of all trades, master of none, right? You can’t be the best at everything.
Alone – you can’t… but together? As a whole, united, one big H2L Family? You bet we can.

Rather than having a few people that are the masters of their area, may it be yoga, Pilates, Barre, massage, etc., we’ve built a strong group that has each mastered one or two areas.

So, we have a lot of trades and a lot of masters… and I guess you could say that’s our niche.

Our niche is the people. The people that work here. The people that come here. The lives that we merge. The community we built and continue to build.

When I look at our team and reflect over how we have grown over the past four years, I can’t help but feel humbled and proud that these instructors call H2L their home. I am so proud to have these masters on our team. So this year, at just 4 years young, here’s to the masters of their trades that come together to make us the jack of all.

So here is a little shout out to them! I hope they all know how appreciated they are.

Adam- Wanna talk about dedication? Adam, and cycling. I don’t think anyone of us loves it as he does. And even more so, he loves pushing the clients to do their best. He’s motivating, passionate and is in this business for all the right reasons. He doesn’t mind the early mornings, he goes with the flow and always works hard. I’m so happy he found a passion in the bike room, and even happier that it was with us!

Adrienne M.- No matter which room she’s in, Pilates or Barre, Adrienne brings the fire. She’s about as knowledgeable as they come. A Barre master and Pilates expert, she always ensures her clients get the best. Her classes are fun, always a little different and exciting. She’s thoughtful and kind with a passion for Pilates and Barre that can only come from someone with experience like her. I’m so glad she found us, and so glad she’s a friend.

Adrienne W.- I remember meeting with Adrienne right before the cycle studio opened. It was under construction and we all talked about our dreams for that room. She jumped on board with a soft-spoken, go-getter attitude. She rocked that cycle room and taught me a lot as I took her Barefoot HIT class. As a physical therapist, form and alignment are important to her and she works hard to make sure clients are safe, challenged and comfortable.

Allison C.- When I think about Allison, I think not only about her commitment to the studio, and her clients, but to herself! That girl works hard. She is my Pilates Queen, rocking that room no matter if it’s a private or group class. She brings a fun energy to the studio, making me laugh every time I see her. Nurse by trade, she is respectful to all, a trait we all can appreciate.

Allison G.- Allison’s schedule doesn’t allow her a weekly class, but man do I wish it would! I’ve enjoyed watching Allison’s journey as she transitioned from a client, to instructor. I remember her and her sister, in my weekly barre classes when we first got started! Talk about two sweet, hardworking souls. I was ecstatic when she got her cycling certification.. and even more so when she attended my barre training, and got her group fitness certification! She loves inspiring others and it shows. She’s a go getter, in the best way. Always a step ahead, always making her classes special and lighting up the cycle room with her energy.

Amy- Another one that was first a client, then a friend and fellow instructor. She found her love of Barre here, and let it grow as she took my training last spring. She jumped right in with a fierce passion, and dedication. Talk about keeping it fresh— I love peaking in on Amy’s classes and see what new moves she’s diving into. She really wants a to make a difference in the client’s lives and I think they can all feel that. She’s a kind soul, with a big heart. She’s got great ideas and works hard. I’m so happy she’s here, and can’t wait to see what’s next for her fitness journey.

Ana- When we were ready to grow our Massage Therapy section at the studio, Ana came in full of ideas and dedication. She truly cares about her clients and their well-being. It’s such a comfort to know that she has their best interest at heart. Not to mention, she gives an incredible massage. She is caring, hardworking and truly loves what she does. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

Ann- When Ann approached me about teaching at H2L, I didn’t hesitate to bring her on. She had been a client, and because of her positive energy, I knew she would fit right in. She is one of those people that will offer to help behind the scenes, never looking for applause. She really loves Barre and more importantly, I think, she really loves helping people. She’s warm-hearted and I am so, so glad she’s with us!

Ariel- As a client, Ariel was a beast. A hard-working, leaderboard topping, badass. As an instructor…. she’s those things x 10. New moves, new class ideas, reliable… she’s a manager’s dream come true. She is one of those instructors that walks into the room, no matter which room, and gives her all. Strength classes, TRX, and cycle, she’s on fire.

Caitlin- If you’ve never taken one of her cycling classes, it’s probably because you can’t get in. This girl can pack a room like nobody’s business… and with good reason! She is kind, inspiring and keeps her classes fresh in a way that for some instructors, takes years to master. Her heart is in each class plan, and you can feel it.

Cami B.– Cami, our cycling queen, doesn’t mess around. Her classes are challenging and creative. She goes above and beyond to connect with the clients, their goals and always has the best music. We love her drive and her passion for all things cycle. She’s helpful and compassionate. She makes me laugh, she is the type of person you can be real with and know that she’s being real, right back. So glad she’s on the team!

Cami L.- While one of the newer additions to the H2L Team, Cami brings a fresh outlook to her Barre Classes. We are so glad she decided to get certified and join us! What a positive personality she has! I can’t wait to watch her grow in the Barre room.

Charity- Charity is special to me because before H2L was here, she was my teacher. I had just started on my “I can do other things besides run to stay healthy”, and Charity was my yoga teacher. She has a way of challenging you in her class but making you comfortable while you do it. She’s really, just the best. She’s always so welcoming and she makes me laugh. So happy she’s on the H2L fam.

Chelsea M.- I am so excited that Chelsea joined our team — while she hasn’t started teaching yet, I can already tell she fits right in! She’s energetic and outgoing, the perfect person to head up our Toddler & Me Yoga. I can’t wait to get to know her more!

Christina- I remember Christina as a client in the barre room. I had no idea that in a few years’ time she’d be such an important part of my daily life! A Barre, Cycling and TRX certification later… she’s a beast! You know her class will be new, exciting, and fun. When I went on “maternity” leave, she became my go to. Helping with the management tasks that I couldn’t get to. While I was pregnant, I had monthly Reiki sessions with Deborah. We always talked about how I would balance work and mom life, and to be honest… I was stressed about it. I thought the world would stop turning if I took a break. But then… I talked to Christina about jumping in to help. Shortly before I had the baby, during one of my last reiki sessions, Deborah told me my energy had shifted from stressed to relaxed. Of course, it did, I knew that when I took some time off to snuggle my daughter, H2L would be in good hands. The world would keep turning because Christina would be there to spin it. What a gift that was, she will never really understand how much I appreciated that. She loves this place, she loves the clients and the instructors. She’s about as nice and helpful as they come.

Deborah- I owe so much to Deborah on a personal level, as my Reiki bestie, she’s my go-to when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Professionally, I owe even more. There’s something to be said about the way she can jump into literally every room we have at the studio and rock it. Yoga, Barre, Pilates, TRX, Reiki and Cycle, she can literally do it all. And the way she merges those modalities together is magic. Pure magic. We always joke “what would Deborah do?”, and it’s true. If we all take a little piece of Deborah with us in our daily lives, the world will be a better place. I know H2L is a better place because she’s a part of it.

Emma- I’m a little bias on this one, but if you ever get the chance to take one of Emma’s classes when she’s home over the summer or breaks from school… DO IT. She’s a rock-star. From the start, when we did her Barre training, I knew she’d be amazing. Now she’s a TRX, HIIT, Cycle and much more, queen! Also, she’s my SIL, but she’s pretty much the best.

Erica- When H2L opened, there were just a few of us. We all pitched in with our ideas, our passions, and our dreams. Erica had some big ones. Which helped get us to where we are today. She has dedicated her life to this industry, she has been changing people’s lives since college, teaching fitness at Penn State. And it shows in each one of the classes she teaches. She creative, man is she creative! She’s passionate, she’s upbeat and energized the perfect amount. Never too much, never too little… Always just right. I’m lucky to have her as a friend, and any chance I get to hop into a class and soak up some of her knowledge, I do. I always joke I want to be Erica Sehar when I grow up, but it’s not a joke. She’s the real deal, and I hope she rubs off on me even more over time. Her Barefoot Class is the definition of an “all-in-one”. Her Cycling classes are so organized, fresh and FUN. She is the cycle all Star we all strive to be!

Heather E.- One thing I love the most about Heather is her ability to laugh at everything. She is experienced in so many areas of health and fitness, it’s no wonder she’s such an essential part of our team. No matter which room you see her in, barre, TRX or cycle, she will have you working hard… And smiling while you do it. She’s such a caring person, you’ll feel like she’s your BFF instantly.

Heather M.- While it May have taken a few months (or years) to get Heather on the instructor list, it was worth the wait. She always talked to me about teaching and I knew she’d be natural so pushed in that direction. First TRX, then Barre and soon Cycling, she’s a woman on a mission. She’s professional, considerate, and hardworking and loves making a difference in our client’s live’s. And, she does. So glad she took the plunge and I can’t wait to hear the next certification on her list!

Irene- The first time I met with Irene, I remember smiling at how stinkin’ sweet she was. We talked about family yoga, kid’s yoga and so much more. Little did I know, she would soon be teaching two of my favorite classes at the studio! Baby & Me Yoga and Yoga for Stress. My daughter and I look forward to it each month. And while Yoga for Stress Relief is not currently on the schedule, I’m hoping we can add it soon :). Clients rave about her weekly Monday class. Her relaxing voice and kind heart create an atmosphere of security for clients that I love. Skills like that can’t be faked, she’s the real deal.

Jen B.- Since she’s a physical therapist, it’s no wonder Jen has a way with people. Helping them with any alignments, catering to their needs and in a manner that is so light-hearted and easy, you feel like you’re with an old friend. She’s passionate, she cares about people and brings such a positive vibe the Pilates room! I’m so glad she’s able to add a weekly class this spring, but really, anytime we can get Jen, is a blessing. So glad she’s my friend and teammate.

Karin.- There aren’t enough words in the dictionary that mean “kind” to explain Karin! She is one of a kind. Her energy during reflexology and reiki is calming and supportive. She is just about as sweet as they come!

Kathie- Kathie started her journey with H2L as a cycling instructor, bringing new energy to her classes that kept everyone coming back for more. Getting her barre certification with us brought a new side of her teaching that I love! She is a badass and will push you to where you need to go. She loves the fitness industry and it shows! We can’t wait to see where she goes.

Katie L.- Aside from being really funny, Katie is a giving soul with kindness about her that makes you feel so nurtured. I was able to get to know her on a more personal level during my pregnancy when I took advantage of her STELLAR Prenatal Massages. She is strong, passionate and a good listener. Her massages are something special if you haven’t met her on the table yet… DO IT.

Kelly- If you are looking for someone to light a fire under your butt, try Kelly’s… well, anything, class. She started on her Instructor road in the Barre room.. then added Cycle and TRX. She will push you, make you want to laugh and cry all in 45-minutes. Just kidding, not cry, okay maybe. She brings a positive energetic feel to her classes with great music and a motivating feel. I’m happy she’s in my life, both professionally and personally.

Lindsey- Sweet, Sweet, Lindsey. I smiled just writing her name. She’s about as genuine as they come. As a college student, Linds started taking classes with us. She was a regular in Erica’s Barefoot. Erica and I spotted her, and had the “I wonder if she would ever want to teach here?”, conversation. Low and behold, she did. While she is young, that girl has heart and soul like no one business. She cares. She cares about everyone she comes in contact with. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow as a person and fitness instructor. First Barre, then Cycle and TRX. I know she’s here for the long haul, I can’t wait to watch her spread her wings even more.

Lissa- Lissa has a passion for yoga that doesn’t go unnoticed. She’s caring, kind-hearted and gentle. She has been with us since very early on and has made a home here at H2L. She connects with her clients, taking the time to get to know them and appreciate them. I know her yoga journey is not complete, she will do great things. I can’t wait to be a part of it.

Mary- Coming from a personal training background, it’s no wonder that Mary does more than just lead a fitness class. She connects. She listens to the clients, and builds strong bonds with them! She’s always ready for what’s next and eager to stay fresh. She’s strong, and not just in a physical way, but in a way that after a chat with Mary, I feel like I can take on the world. She’s a busy mother of 3 boys and somehow manages to give her ALL in everything she does. I’m thankful H2L has her… but I’m even more thankful that I do :).

Megan- Another one of those instructors that were a client and a friend first. Megan had taught fitness before, but a new love of teaching was sparked in her with 6 am Cardio Barre. Megan has a special way of creating a fun and fresh vibe in her classes. She is not afraid to break out new moves, props, songs, themes and so much more! She’s been the driving force behind some of our most popular barre classes such as Barre with your Girls and Barre for Runners. She always has something to bring to the table.

Melissa– One of the newer additions to our Yoga team, Melissa is a sweet, warm soul. She loves yoga and is passionate about her classes. She will always greet you with a smile and make you feel safe, confident and connected in your practice. She’s full of ideas and I can’t wait to bring some of them to life at H2L!

Monica- As one of our official OGs, Monica has grown with and into H2L. She’s a part of us! Our Yoga queen, compassionate, creative, and hard working. I can’t remember H2L without Monica and honestly, I wouldn’t want to! She engages her clients and makes their mission, hers. A trait that I admire deeply. I’m thankful every day for Monica’s passion and support. She is a true supporter and friend to everyone that crosses her path.

Myka- Myka came to us with a wide range of experience, so it’s hard to put her into a single category of expertise. Her passion for H2L and her commitment to our clients is amazing to watch. She never holds back, always bringing new ideas and new class plans to the studio. No one pushes the envelope as Myka does, she helps make H2L diverse and dedicated. She’s a lover. She cares so deeply for everyone in her life, it’s hard not to put her on your favorite list. She’s a good friend and I am so glad I have her looking out for me!

Sarah- My favorite part of this world, of this place, is watching people find their path. Sarah found hers in the fitness world and man am I glad it was with us! She doesn’t hold back. Starting in the cycle room, she had a professional, passionate vibe from the start. She moved into group fitness and then TRX with ease. I know there is no class she couldn’t teach. She loves our clients, makes them her friends, and holds them close to her heart. I love that most about her!

Trish- Last but not least, is Trish! She’s another one of our Reiki Masters and Reflexology Queens. She is so giving and kind, you will instantly feel comfortable with her if you ever schedule a session. She has a love for what she does, but more so, a love for helping people that is so genuine and pure, you will fall in love with her instantly!