Reflexology…It’s not just a massage!

What is reflexology…?

Reflexology is a holistic foot treatment that involves applying pressure to different parts of the feet for therapeutic relief. There are different parts of the feet known as reflex points that communicate with other parts of the body including organs, glans, and muscles.

Applying pressure and massaging to these different reflexes allows for comfort, decrease tension, body rebalancing, toxin removal, circulation, and of course relaxation!

Why you should try reflexology…!

We are always on our feet, and depending on our jobs we may never give our feet a rest until we get to bed. Our feet are more important than you may think, and that is why they need more attention. Having a reflexology massage does not only feel good but can benefit many other problematic problems throughout the body. From migraines to high-stress levels reflexology can help relate these issues.

So what are you waiting for…?

Now that you know about reflexology and the benefits that can come from this, it’s time to try it!

Don’t wait any longer and book your first session!