birthday party mechanicsburgThis September, as everyone heads back to school.. we’re hoping you’ll head back to the mat! September is our Yoga Challenge month! How many yoga classes can you attend?!

The client who attends THE MOST gets a free bag of wellness/yoga related goodies! Bag includes H2L water bottle, soap, lotions, Jade Yoga Mat, AND MORE!

We are SO excited to launch our Saturday 7am Energy Yoga class as well as some specialty Yoga classes (pre and postnatal). We’ve also added a Wednesday 5pm Energy Yoga class with Irene.

So we’re celebrating with our Back To The Mat Challenge.

On the chalkboard in the yoga room, you’ll find an area to write your name. Every time you attend a yoga class, the instructor will put an X by your name. The client with the most X’s at the end of the month wins a PRIZE BAG. If we have  a tie of winners, we will choose the person who has attended the most overall classes that month!

Back to school. Back to the mat. Back to you! Let’s do it!