eating healthyHigh Protein
Choosing snacks options like hard-boiled eggs, peanut butter or cheese aids in holding you over from meal to meal by managing blood sugar levels.

Fridge Placement
Having the healthiest food out front will allow you to see it and make that choice before finding a less healthy option by rummaging through cabinets.

Set Up For Success
Organize your food in an aesthetically pleasing way. Seeing food displayed using boxes, mason jars or shelves helps you seeing the food you are going to consume and limits the feeling of being overwhelmed which can come with adapting a healthy eating lifestyle.

Prep It Out
Just like meal prep but for snacks, set aside 60 minutes once a week to try a new healthy on-the-go recipe. Get your creative juices flowing and look up healthy snacks and try one out. Such as these.

Importance of Time
Eat when you are in the beginning stages of hunger, waiting until you are starving does more harm than good. Doing this leaves you ravenous leading you to possibly overeat to compensate for your hunger.