Private Pilates Lessons at H2L
For those of you who participate in group reformer and mat classes at H2L, you already know that Pilates helps you to:
-Elongate your muscles without building bulk.
-Slim and tone your hips, thighs, buttocks, and arms.
-Strengthen your back by building support in the abdominal’s.
-Increase your flexibility while building strength.
-Improve your posture, coordination,circulation, and overall health.
-Increase your range of motion.
-Promote relaxation and a sense of well being.
-Increase the amount of fun in your daily life!
What some of you may not know, is that the benefits of a group Pilates practice also translate to the private Pilates lessons that we offer at the studio.  Along with the benefits listed above, private lessons at H2L provide the following for every client:
-A fifty minute lesson that is built around you and your personal health and fitness goals.
-Personalized attention from a highly trained Pilates professional.
-Assessment and feedback based on where you are at in your Pilates practice.
-Ability to work with your instructor to develop an exercise program to prevent and/or rehab injuries while maintaining your health and wellness
-Opportunity to expand your Pilates practice beyond the Reformer to include other Pilates equipment like the Spine Corrector, Chair, and Cadillac.
-Convenience of scheduling a lesson based on your schedule.
To make private lessons readily available for our clients, we offer an Introductory Pack of three private lessons for $75. These three lessons will help introduce you to the Pilates Reformer itself, the set up and execution for the exercises on the Reformer, and help give you an idea of what a group Reformer class would be like. Upon completion of the Introductory Pack of lessons, you can decide to transition into one of the weekly group Reformer classes, or to continue on with private lessons. We have found that many “Intro Pack clients” become regular private clients because they like the one on one attention and enjoy monitoring their progress with their instructor. Whatever you decide, remember that at H2L private lessons are all about you!
You can sign up online or create a custom time that works for you and the instructor by calling or email the studio! | 717-697-4425

See you soon!