Thank you, Deborah! That is a question we get ALL THE TIME. We love them both. And, we think you will too!

– Yoga a couple thousand years old and comes out of southern Asia, there are many styles, Ash Tonga, Kundalini, Bikram, Yen, Vinyasa, which we teach here at the studio.

– Developed by Joseph Pilates from Germany to the US early 1960’s (
Big with Yoga, smaller with Pilates)

Mind Body Spirit Connection
– An emphasis on breath and patterns of movements within both
– Downward dog in Yoga and exercise sequences in Pilates

-Yoga- Pranayama, breath study branch
– Pilates- Breathe first and then once familiar link breath to the movements

– Yoga: hold posture

– Pilates: no holding, low reps 3-5-8, not static or staying, 3 best of ability and then move on

Equipment- biggest difference
– Yoga- blocks, straps, bolsters
– Pilates Reformer- chairs, tower ends, bosus, reformers

– Gain stretch, strength and stamina
– One practice will benefit the other one and they are FUN!