I can’t believe it’s been two years since H2L opened. I love taking time to reflect on the studio and all of the amazing things it’s brought into my life. If you are wondering what H2L has taught me, check out my post from last year.. 3 Thing H2L Studio Has Taught Me.
So, onto the things I love most about H2L Studio

mechanicsburg 1. Location: This isn’t just because I happen to live super close.. This is because I grew up in Mechanicsburg and I love being able to work in the town that taught me so much. I love that we are a small community with a lot of heart. I love that we can take part in local events and give back to Central PA by holding fundraisers and donating to meaningful causes.

2. Firsts: I love hearing about client’s firsts. The first time they touched their toes after attending Yoga every week for a few months. The first time they hit a personal record for Power in a Cycling class. The first time they put on a pair of jeans from college that hasn’t fit them in years. Your firsts are our firsts… we are here to help you reach those goals!

3. Beginners: I absolutely love new clients and beginners at the studio. I love sharing our passions with the world. The first time you attend a barre, yoga, Pilates or cycling class can be scary! You are stepping outside of our comfort zone and trying something new. You are taking time for yourself and I admire that. Actually, I love that (which is why it made the list).

barre mechanicsburg4. Clients: The people who come to H2L are the reason all of us keep doing what we do. The clients and the relationships we create make our jobs… less job-ish. I love hearing about what the clients are up to in their life and the reasons they are coming to H2L. You are all rockstars.. Thank you for being you.

5. Variety: Not many places allow you to get all of your fitness needs in one place. The variety we offer is second to none in this area. You can attend a barre class to work on toning your body, Pilates to strengthen and lengthen, cycling to increase your cardio and strengthen your heart and yoga to calm your mind and increase flexibility. All aspects that we need in our fitness routine. The best part? You can do it under one roof, for one price. I love being able to offer that to clients.

6. Clients: Oh, sorry.. Did I mention that already? I think it’s worthy of a second shout out. Seriously… I love the clients at H2L.

spinning classes mechancisburg7. Instructors: The people who work at H2L are the most caring, welcoming and passionate people I’ve ever come across. I absolutely love how mindful they are when it comes to the studio. You will never not feel welcomed, you will always feel important.. And I love that so much! So, thank you to my fellow instructors for making H2L a place I am proud to work at!
That’s not even close to them all.. But some of the most important things that mean the most to me about H2L. As we celebrate our 2nd birthday, I can look back knowing that we are building something amazing.. And the reasons above are just a small explanation as to why. Looking forward to many, many more years adding to the list.